Pretty in Pink





Introduction: Pretty in Pink

Long dress with straight neckline,explained step by step.

Step 1: How to Take Body Measurements

Bust line : Measure the bust at the fullest part, around the body.

Waist line: Measure the waist where the body bends.

Hips line: Measure the hips at the fullest part.

Shoulder: Measure the length of the shoulder

Front waist length: Start the shoulder and measure at the waist, measuring over the fullest part of the bust.

Back waist length: Measure from the base of the neck to the center of the waistline.

Chest width From armpit to armpit in the front.

Back width: From armpit to armpit in the back.

Bust separation: From nipple to nipple

Side hip: Measure from the waistline to the hip.

Step 2: Make the Pattern #1

My measurements

Chest 88

Shoulder 11,75

Center front 36,75

Bust separat..17

Waist 64

Front waist…44

Center back 40

Chest width 32

Hips 92

Back waist… 42

Side hips 20

Back width 34

Step 3: Make the Pattern #2

Step 4: How to Sew a Dress.



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