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In this instructable, you will learn how to make a small fish tank out of an empty pretzel jar. This didn't cost me anything because I already had the gravel and the air pump, but if you had to buy everything it would cost 30 dollars or less.

NOTE* This project involves live animals. No animals were harmed in the making of this instructable. Also, do not try this with just anything. I chose a pretzel container because it was for food, and therefore shouldn't kill fish. I would have been deeply worried if the fish had died due to the plastic, since we eat food from it.

Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Gather materials
For this instructable, you will need:

1. empty pretzel jar, or other food grade quality container.
2. small air pump(for circulation)
3. aquarium gravel
4. air tubing, air stone, and air flow valve.
5. something able to cut and poke holes(i used a swiss army knife)
6. thermometer for water temperature
7. access to a sink, and possibly a hose as well.
Diabloscope3 years ago
If My Nephew Didnt have a kool one for his frogs already , This would have Been a Great Alternative !! lil frogs frequently visit my backyard about the size of a nickle as big as a quarter ( california tree frog)
Biggsy3 years ago
I love these Pretzel tubs (not to mention the pretzels inside)... I used one to make a Cinderella glass slipper (look at my i'bles ) Great idea for a low cost aquarium fix, welldone
scoochmaroo3 years ago
How are your fish doing?
Qtirpak (author)  scoochmaroo3 years ago
Great thanks.