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What is pretzel Pie? quite simply, it is pretzel dough shaped like an eggroll, with pie filling inside of it. Pretzel pies are the ultimate snack food. Its chewy, it holds together, its sweet, and has an awesome taste. The great part of this snack is that for something this good and extreme, it doesnt take too much much work. All that is needed is to make the dough, shape the pies, and bake. Pies will no longer be large circular pastries, but odd looking pretzels, with a surprising taste.

Step 1: Gather the ingredients!

The ingredients for the pretzel pies is fairly easy to get, nothing weird or odd.

You will need the following for a batch
3 cups flour* ( might change a little depending on the flour*)
4 tablespoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon yeast
2 teaspoons salt
1 cup water (luke warm)

1 egg
1 teaspoon water

and pie filling! I used a can, but if you really want to, you can make your own (my way is easier)
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Lionkitty981 month ago
Nice recipe so yumm
JeanneF19 months ago

how 'bout "pretzel pockets"?

JeanneF19 months ago

how 'bout "pretzel pockets"?

st5k1 year ago
Realize this is 5 yrs old but with a bit of food coloring in the dough, magical fruit sack would be a pretty neat name :-P
ardrhi6 years ago
If you seal them up REAL WELL so they don't leak, you could give them a dunk for about 30 secs in a big pan of boiling water (10 cups) with about a 2/3 cup of baking soda in it before glazing. That would give them a much better chewy brown coat when they bake that would be more uniform and less reliant on the eggwash for browning. This is because the weak alkali gelatinizes outer starches, converting some into sugars that get nice and brown and chewy. If you seal up your pies real good, the solution shouldn't leak in. Then glaze, score, and bake. Also, your oven might not be evenly baking. Give the pans a spin and switch them around halfway through baking to even out the heat.
danstax ardrhi4 years ago
Ardrhi, you might want to check that baking soda amount again. Most every recipe or mention of using a baking soda bath for pretzels or bagels calls for ONE TABLESPOON of baking soda per pot of water. 2/3 cup would be great if you are going to clean the oven with it later, but that will most likely leave an unpleasant taste on whatever you're baking.
ardrhi danstax4 years ago
You only dunk 'em for about 30 seconds. The baking soda doesn't act as an ingredient, it acts to chemically change the starch in the surface of the dough. The older tradition is to use lye water, but lye can be dangerous to work with, especially in boiling water, so substituting a weaker alkali, and more of it, accomplishes pretty much the same thing. It doesn't make them taste like baking soda (or lye), or put any of either in the pretzel, it gelatinizes the starch, and when you bake it, you get that yummy, golden-brown, glossy and chewy outer crust that makes the best pretzels.

The 10 cups of water with 2/3 cup of baking soda for the alkali bath comes from an Alton Brown soft pretzel recipe. I *did* check the recipe before I posted it.
ElvenChild4 years ago
doing definitions are we
pretzamatata what a wonderful phrase
DOC808HI5 years ago
PRETZA-MA-TAZZ...When a pretzel is just not a pretzel...It's an adventure!
blufreak8065 years ago
pretzenada like a pretzel empanada i know doekish and generic but hey its a thought
reeding5 years ago
 cheez is what this needs
Mig Welder5 years ago
Haha I might try this. When I first saw it, I thought it was a cake sized pretzel and it kinda grossed me out. Looks really good now though!
loppy965 years ago
Wow what a good idea where would u ever think of it is it hard like a prerzle for on the go eating ? 5 stars
I'm msking your recipe!!!! I hope it turns out good
I'm going to put chocolate chips in the dough batter! I love chocolate so I think it would taste good :D
Lance Mt.6 years ago
Pa Pa's pie? Pa Pie? P for Pie? Pretizal Pingles? Pretzial finger buns? Pretzail Prastry? Preztel Packages?
What about PrtezFulls?
heeeeyyyyy... I like that. Papa's Preteziful Pastry Pie Packaged Pingle P FOR PIE'S!!! Its brillant!
Sell them in a plain black paper bag. Call them ninja pies. If anyone asks what they are say they can't buy one. WE MUST KEEP THE GOODNESS SECRET!!!!!!!!!
You: PreteziFulls for sale!  Pretezifulls for sale!
Them: I'll take one!
You: Oh they're not for sale.
I got stabbed by a hobo when I tried to get him out of the apartment dumpster. I then proceeded to break his arm. I then gave him $1,000, a hug, a katana, and a pretzal pie.
Brown sugar How come you taste so good now?
mmmh.. imagine one with bacon, eggs, bacon, cheese, bacon... and umm BACON.. its like a hotpocket, but shinier
I bet Jim Gaffigan would love one.
hah, i bet he would.. his bacon jokes are funny
Clayton H.6 years ago
Are these like those fruit pies that they sell in gas stations?
Lextone7 years ago
Yummy! I have a fresh basket of peaches at home screaming to be stuffed in a pretzel pocket! Question...You left out some info on the dough...You're using yeast. Do you let it rise and punch it down? How long do you knead the dough in the bread machine/mixer? Or is it one of those"when it looks right" things?
hedgiehog (author)  Lextone6 years ago
i just used the dough function on the machine, so i would just mix it then use it right away, its fairly dense dough
punkrules6 years ago
awesome. i was thinking of making an instructable on this but there already is one :P this looks tasty.
i have a name for this pie thingy
how about........
"*fruit name here* turnover"
omg you are a genius!!!
Plasmana7 years ago
Pretzel pie?!?! Wow! Great instructable! 1+ vote!
so sad...there aren't any instructables for making soft pretzels.....hmmmm
hedgiehog (author)  explosivemaker7 years ago
OO i should make one!
Looks good! The pretzel dough would go good with a meat filling.
hedgiehog (author)  1dot21gigaflops7 years ago
yes that would be like a empadadas like jon123321 said. yummy!
kokosmack7 years ago
Wow....... just looking at it makes my mouth water..... literally!
arrow shot7 years ago
:0 i suck at cooking / baking and my parents wont make ti for me T.T
rhubarb7 years ago
Tasty glazey super fun time yum rolls!
hedgiehog (author)  rhubarb7 years ago
not really glazy, the egg glaze just gives it more of the pretzel taste. mmm i gotta make another batch
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