Prevent Pickpockets





Introduction: Prevent Pickpockets

I was inspired to write this instructable when I was pick pocketed at the New York State fair I lost $20 in cash, a debit card, and worst of all my library card. This instructable will show creative ways to prevent losing your hard earned cash

Step 1: Know the Enemy Tactics

To stop a pickpocket u need to think like 1. Remember these guys are very tricky and very clever and will outsmart you if you get too cocky
Do not use your hand to feel for your wallet or phone the thieves will spot it quickly and know where your phone is. They also work in teams. If somone bumps into u they try to feel where your wallet or phone are, sometimes if you carry a backpack one will distract u and another will come from behind

Step 2: Dummy Items

Why not take an old cheap wallet and put some old credit cards and some fake cash?
So when they try and feel for your wallet they feel the decoy also try doing this with an old broken phone, then put your real valuables in a cargo pocket or a secret pocket

Step 3: Common Sense

Don't put items in your back pocket always keep things in front of you, if you go through a dense crowd, pull your backpack to the front of you.

Step 4: Secret Pockets

If carrying a pack or backpack use the secret pocket ideas in the pictures



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Just keep a set mouse trap in your back pocket as the decoy.

I've used this idea via my fake checkbook.In addition a piece of cardboard exterior of AND Larger than the phone or wallet can help you. Luggage alarms (2 pcs that alerts upon disconnection) can help in a shopping cart.Connect purse to shopping cart...alerts ifpurse is opened inadvertantly while your distracted with shopping.

I can pickpocket, and no I'm not bragging. The thing is, that backpack can be easily stolen once the person lets their guard down. Keeping things in your front pocket IS a better alternative to the back one but only slightly so. Those hiding places would be found out within seconds of rooting through the loot, the cash and all would shake and give up the gimmick. Sorry.

so then how would you prevent pickpockets?


I always carry my wallet and any cash I have in my from pocket when traveling. I usually wear jeans so that make it very difficult for someone to get their hand in my pocket. Once in Heidelberg, Germany I was walking down the street and felt a had trying to get my wallet out of my back pocket. As I turned around I saw a teen age girl run from me. Since then I always carry my valuables in my front pockets.