Prevent Runaway Tortoise With an Apple.





Introduction: Prevent Runaway Tortoise With an Apple.

   Anybody that has cared for a tortoise outdoors knows they like to wander.  I have caught George, several times, pushing at the gate that leads down to the driveway and street.   Not wanting her to become a speed bump in my urban neighborhood, I had to devise a way to prevent her escaping.  This barricade stops her for now.   However in a few years she will be able to push it right over.  She could grow over 100 pounds in less than 10 years.   I'll reinforce it when necessary.   Full grown Sulcata tortoises have been known to push over a chain link fence if they want to get to the other side.  Or dig under it. They are very strong and they love to dig.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies.

(1)Supplies needed:  Eight (8) dead or otherwise abandoned Power Macintosh computers.

Tools needed:  None

Step 2: Build the Barricade.

(2) There is nothing particularly difficult about this project.   Simply line up the row of abandoned computers across the walkway, blocking the route of escape.  There you have it.  A tortoise saved by an Apple.   Computer that is.

   Pretty simple for an instructable.   But you got to admit, George has a certain cute factor.  In a prehistoric sort of way.

Step 3: Document the Accomplishment.

   Take some pictures.  "SMILE".   "Oh, you are?"

Step 4: Oh Oh. She Noticed the Camera.

  HEY!  You lookin' at me?



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    15 Discussions

    Good idea! Very unique, but would'nt gathering a lot Apple computers be quite expensive?

    1 reply

    Those Mac computers are so old they are worthless. These were found at a recycling cnter.

    Put wiring over it so hawks can't get him!!!

    My Sulcata Mischief is over 40 years old and weighs around 160 lbs now. He has destroyed chain link in his wanderings, by hitting it with his scutes as he walks by. I will be putting plywood around his pen soon in the hopes that if he cant see the other side, he may quit pushing against his enclosure.

    My suclcata is named George as well! Awesome name choice

    Spoken like a true blue, card carrying,  Bill Gates sycophant, Kool-Aid drinker.  What color do you like?

    What? I gust believe that mac's are a Linux system with a different GUI. Wouldn't spend 600-1,000 dollars extra for having Linux installed on a computer for me.

    You would be surprised how fast she can move when she sees me coming with food.  It's funny to watch.  On a warm day she can move like Touche Turtle.  On cool days, she makes the same moves, but in slow motion.

    did u know that this is really what they're ment for??

    From the title I thought you were just going to place her on top of an apple so she couldn't crawl away!

    Cool! This is a gr8 idea to finally use those dead computers! I'll try it with my russian tortoise and my old laptops!