Picture of Preventing Splintering While Cutting Fiberglass Rod
Put a few turns of tape around a fiberglass rod at the point you are going to saw. The tape will keep the rod from splitting before you finish cutting through the entire piece.

Step 1: Tape Rod, Cut Good

Picture of Tape Rod, Cut Good
You've got a fiberglass rod that needs cutting. Mark the rod where you want it cut, and roll some tape around the rod in that area. Remark the cut on the tape (if it matters). Now when you saw the rod it will cut more or less straight, with no premature and uneven spltting.

See the 4 picture sequence in this step.
Nice tip. Thanks! Out of curiosity, what is that you put on the vice for?
Looks like he's put a pair of aluminum jaw covers on the vise. Makes a "softer" grip.
Ah, I see. Thank you! :)
jckrbbtslm8 years ago
I use essentially the same technique when I saw bamboo.
theRIAA9 years ago
yea, that always happens when im cutten all those fiberglass rods...