Preview of Project Dysprosium


Introduction: Preview of Project Dysprosium

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 this ball machine will be done in about 3-4 months. im planning to have 15 or more paths and 6 or more lifts. it will be about 8-9 feet when finished. I believe this will be one of the biggest ball machines ever.



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    Great ball machine. I'm looking forward to more.
    And i'm not sure the element in the last picture is new. It seems familiar somehow.

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    I wasnt too sure about that either, but if it is, its up there! :)

    I know, but you said it oh.... it will be. I see now.

    yeah. everybody makes mistakes. :) (i acidentally bumped it over and had to connect almost everything back.)

    I like the elements! Is that ferris wheel a lift or an element?

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    The big ferris wheel is an element. I am working on a ferris wheel lift though.

    epic! 5* ps, read my newest topic......

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    no problem! k