Step 8: How to Use

Picture of How to Use

Fill your stove with the required amount of alcohol fuel ...

Stretch the wick over the stove.
Soak the wick with alcohol fuel.
Light it!

You know that the wick will boil and vaporize the stove fuel, then ignite the jets, before burning itself out.

I put 2-3ml onto the wick with a syringe; this seems to be the perfect amount.

You could always dip the wick into the fuel before stretching it over the stove.
It is still safer and less messy than using a priming pan.

The wick does not need to be all the way around the stove, or much thicker than this.
It holds plenty of fuel to get your average drinks can stove up and running!

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Pot Stand

Here, the whole setup is shown with priming wick, pot stand - and UK penny!

The pot stand is made of 2 bicycle spokes, bent to hold the pot 30mm above the highest jets of the stove.

The pot stand clamp is a clamp from a bicycle mudguard (fender) support;
basically a bolt with a hole drilled through it.
I added 2 washers and a wing-nut. You could just drill a hole through a bolt and add a nut.
It is much firmer than the usual way of wrapping with wire.