Picture of Primitive Bow Necklace
make a super easy bow necklace with a super cheap prize. have fun!

Step 1: Items

Picture of Items
You will need:

-Small Knife (swiss knife is very helpful)
-white and black string.
-Necklace rope( i just found mine)
-flexible ring ( can be found at any keychain)
and were all set....
kattynasco3 years ago
cute, but different. i like it. im gonna make a little arrow for it too! heehee
Ballooner4 years ago
love the idea.
bowmaster5 years ago

Cool. One question, does it shoot?

arvinx5 (author)  bowmaster4 years ago
Ofcourse it shoots :))
About how far can it shoot?
arvinx5 (author)  bowmaster4 years ago
And Thanks!