Picture of Primitive Bow Necklace
make a super easy bow necklace with a super cheap prize. have fun!
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Step 1: Items

Picture of Items
You will need:

-Small Knife (swiss knife is very helpful)
-white and black string.
-Necklace rope( i just found mine)
-flexible ring ( can be found at any keychain)
and were all set....

Step 2: Shaving and carving the chopstick wood

Picture of Shaving and carving the chopstick wood
We shave the wood until its flexible so it won't break. We all know that bows need a flexible limb and body so it will not break also a perfect fiber glass wood makes it strong and can be pulled until full draw. You also need to make it in shape like 2 centimeters diameter in the front of the bow when flatten. check out the pictures.

Step 3: Working with lenght

Picture of Working with lenght
Picture 074.jpg
It is your decision how long your bow will be, not too long and not to short. check out mine. but I suggest you don't shorten it up too short because if it's too short, it cannot bend and there's a possibility that it would break. so becareful. check out pictures.

Step 4: String

Picture of String
make a cut of a V shape in the chopstick thats what I do, but you can do what you want. and then place a mark at the ends of the chopsticks. check the pictures.

Step 5: Grip and style

Picture of Grip and style
place a black string in the center of your bow and spin it carefully until its in the right shape.
look at the picture.

Step 6: Putting the string

Picture of Putting the string
place the string in the v-cut and wrap it around until the mark at the end. make sure its tight. and also make sure that the bow is bended as you want it. its all up to you on how you will gonna put the string. look at the picture. you can also make a style and arrow rest like I did.

Step 7: Going necklace

Picture of Going necklace
Picture 078.jpg
Put the flexible ring at the bow string and put the neclace rope too with the string and close the ring and your done. look at the picture, finish product. enjoy!