Primitive Funnel Basket Fish Trap





Introduction: Primitive Funnel Basket Fish Trap


Step 1:



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    I'd love to see this in action, please share pics of this catching fish!

    nice job

    Nice idea.

    I do have a concern about the string. If you find yourself in a survival situation where you had to do with what you have on you, how often would you carry a nice long rope or string with you? Judging by the pictures, this would require a long string of several meters in length. It doesn't seem possible to use your shoelaces and paracord bracelet to make up the length of string you require. If you had the forethought to carry the string with you, then maybe you would have the forethought to bring better survival gear. Now that said, if you can scavenge from the forest materials to make the string(s), that would be impressive.

    Good ible !

    Hope you win !!!

    Thank you! I am hopping too :)

    Thanks for sharing this! It's nice to see people still using traditional fish traps...

    It would be really helpful if you broke this into steps and described what was going on in each picture. The new editor makes that pretty easy, if you need help with that send me a PM...

    Again, thanks for contributing!