This is a double sided spear tutorial which could save your life. It can be used to fish, hunt, and protect.

Step 1: Material

All you need is a knife and cord (shoelace paracord ....) and some wilderness

Step 2: Finding a Tree

You want a straight tree that fits comfortably in your hands. It can be small or big as you want. Then cut it to the length of your spear

Step 3: Splitting

You want to stick your knife right on the top of your tree stick thing. And then hit it with a rock to split it down the middle until you reach the length in the picture

Step 4: Fixing the Blades in the Place

Find a small stick and cut it into a stick slightly bigger than your spear and stick it down the split to keep the blades separate

Step 5: Getting It Stronger

Now you want to wrap the cord around the stick all around to get it to stay and then tie it

Step 6: Sharpening

Now you want to just sharpen both the ends until there as desired

Step 7: Finished

Now go and hunt or spear fish
I made it along with some grass ropes
I'm definately going I make this
The knife isn't as big as it looks my hands are just freakishly small
For an even more efficient point could you smash two rocks togather or find a sharp rock to use as a spearhead, then tie that down with the spacer(woodenstick) using shoelace?
nice project but please don't smash your knife with a rock like that. just use another piece of wood.
Any knife would work cliff
<p>I like it a lot. What kind of knife did you use?</p>
Thank you nkz
<p>With such a big knife, I think you'll be fine without a spear!!! :)</p><p>Good instr. Thanks!</p>
<p>Great survival project!</p>

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