The purpose of this basket trap is to catch fish, over a long period of time. If you are planning to stay in a location for a couple days, this trap is perfect for catching fish. It is a sturdier, natural version of the soda bottle bug trap, and one that has been used for centuries. Woven with vines, this trap is filled with bait and then dropped in the water then left for a few days. When you return and pull it out of the water, there should be fish inside. The fish will swim in, but they can't swim back out.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

This project is very budget friendly, albeit time-consuming. Start to finish, it will take a few hours. To begin the project, start off by gathering your materials. For this project, I used vines gathered from the wooded area across our street. This instructable is written to create a trap approximately 2' tall and approximately 18" wide. To make larger or smaller, the steps will be the same, but the lengths and quantities of supplies will vary.

You will need:
  • 5 - 1" thick, 5' long pieces of vine for the frame
  • approximately 50-60' of more vine (thickness and amount needed may vary. Depending on the size of the finished project, you may find you need more or less)
  • saw
  • gloves
  • pruning shears
  • 5 sticks, approximately 15" in length

Instead of vines, you can use other materials. For the frame pieces, you will need something long, but flexible. For the weaving pieces, you can substitute with rope or some other similarly very long flexible material.
<p>Awesome! I'll be making one very soon :)</p>
I think this is a Manly craft... so it gets my vote
Nice ! <br>But how does it work as a fish trap. Compared to what I use when fishing on the sea shore this seems very small to me. I would also say that it is small when used in a river, even a brook &hellip;&nbsp; <br> <br>anyway I VOTE JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE KEEPING ALIVE ONE OF THE OLDEST CRAFT HUMANS INVENTED : FOR THIS YOU SHOULD BE THANKED BY ALL OF US WHO RELY TOO MUCH ON COMPLEX THINGS &hellip;&nbsp;
Thanks! <br> <br>It works basically to funnel the fish in, rather like one of those soda bottle traps you can use for tiny bait fish, or even to catch pesky fruit flies or wasps or things flying around your house. They swim in through the hole, but have a hard time getting back out. <br> <br>This one isn't a large trap, but it's not small either. Its about 2 feet long, and about 18 inches wide, and is large enough to catch smaller fish. Perch, crappie, panfish... maybe even small catfish. Those sorts of fish. The trap can always be made larger or smaller, as desired. The process remains the same, though the amount of supplies used would change.
That's excellent! Such a nice looking trap. :)

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