After spending a weekend in a forest lodge with no TV, internet or cell phone service I decided to attempt to make a primitive weapon/axe. But with limited resources and lack of caveman skill I ended up finishing it once I got home. So take a look and see what you think, not great but when you have time and wilderness not a bad idea to give it a shot. It could be used to chop wood crack nuts our crush little animals for nutrients(or coconuts if located in tropical areas)

What you need:

Something to scrap bark off with(i had a hatchet so i just used it...i know not very primitive o well)
a knife

Step 1: Find a Good Tree

Find a good tree and cut it down. Or if you are environmentally friendly just find one on the ground that will work in order to make a handle out of it. For this I found a small tree that was broken in half already so just cut the rest down.

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