Princess Cindralella Need a Ride



Introduction: Princess Cindralella Need a Ride

Circa 2000 yaers ago, Celt did have some followers today. From the fear of darkness and coolness (snow or what), Celt's helloween became certain kinds of festival, culture, or whatever. It can be part of family 'quality time'. (We can use whatever we can get from 'regular' house or the lucky one from 'recycle' parts.

Step 1: Color Papers

Firstly, we need color paper. Perhaps, we just need two kind of the color one. Yellow and 'orange' color papers.

Step 2: Little Recycle Toy: Stroller

Second one... From any toy shop, DIY shop or recycle one.

Step 3: A Figure Toy

Third one.. Just any 'humanoid' shape

Step 4: Plastic Ball (see Thru)

4th one... A ball of whatever, as long as a 'see thru' type. It's not a big one. Just enough for the little cute stroller.

Step 5: Blinking LED

5th... Any blinking led with working batteries.

Step 6: Recycle Plastic Container

6th ... Any possible shape. It's just enough for a little 'humanoid' one.

Step 7: Knife (little Cutter)

7th.. It can cut the paper.

Step 8: Yellow Plastic Bag or 'orange' One

8th... For wrapping the plastic ball.

Step 9: Drawing With Pencil

9th.. The art of making 'halloween' mask. The color paper need to be cut. It can just suit the theme of Cindralella and pumpkin shape.

Step 10: Cutting With Knive

10th... Make it better. The hole for the 'ghost' look a like...

Step 11: Round Shape

11th... We can just make it, a round one.

Step 12: Wrapping and Attaching

12th... We need to wrap the led ball with the paper. Put it inside a little cute 'stroller'.

Step 13: Rider Inside

13th... Put a little humanoid inside the container. Just act like a controller of the 'stroller'.

Step 14: Ready for Action

Lastly,... Getting it done at last. Demo of the legend. Different from the movie of Cindralella.



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