Picture of Princess Hat on the Cheap
This is a fun project I thought up for a neighbor's 4 year old girl, they've moved so I haven't got a model but, I think you'll get the gist.
She never wants to wear a hat unless it's special, pretty, frilly, girly, especially when the weather gets a bit warmer.
This hat design is fun and I think she'd like it, It's girly but, not too warm. I may have to make something similar for myself now.
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Step 1: First collect your materials

Picture of First collect your materials
Collect materials, I started with $1 clothes from the thrift store- I look for seasonal stuff; in the summer there's lots of nice unworn polar fleece, then pick up bits and bobs from all over. Wash it all first- our local shop uses some strong flowery smelling stuff so I always wash even the never-worn clothes. I had some triangular scraps of brocade -local upholstery and drapery companies sometimes have scraps of gorgeous designer fabrics in decent sized pieces for cheap (or free) and too small for them is often project sized for me. I had some netting, stuffing, beads and imagination. Get out your scissors, a rotary cutter and matt (optional), a needle, thread, a sewing machine (meet my trusty but oooold Singer), tape measure, cereal box for patterns, colored pencils (that wash out.)

Step 2: Math.....

Picture of Math.....
Second step: The Math dumdumdadum... really not all that bad, but useful. You'll need two measurements: circumference is taken around the head just where the edge of the hat should come- you can use an existing hat to show you where then measure. What I call "top" is taken from the front center to the back center over the you guessed it- top of the head, see, we're going to get along just fine.

Step 3: The Pattern

Picture of The Pattern
Now for the pattern&this is for a hat to fit a 4yo girl; a 17" head circumference and 6 points (no reason- it just looked right. Adjust as needed. It has the "points" shown- different shapes get different results.
Amby-chan4 years ago
Cute :D
kooyma (author)  Amby-chan4 years ago
thanks! -finally got it to the kid- just waiting for pics now- I hear it's cute (she makes it easy; cute kid) :O)