Ok, who is not a fan of Princess Leia in the bikini from Empire Strikes back? I mean really, is there ANYONE?

In trying to think of a unique costume for this year's work contest, I came across a costume for a 'regular' lego person and knew right away I could do that and crank it up a notch...and thus, the idea was born.

I scoured the web for pictures of the lego character from the video game and came across these...and thus, the adventure begins....

Step 1: What You Need....

With no blueprint, there is some work that you will need to do to determine what dimensions you need for your costume...but at a base level, you need:

For top:
2) 20" x 22" cardboard
2) 16" x 22" cardboard

For Head:
1) 10" x 28" posterboard
1) 3" x 26" posterboard
1) clear plastic bowl

For Hands:
2) 6" x 1" Styrofoam disks
2) popsicle sticks

For Legs: (there are different ways to do it, but this is what I did)
2) 4 bottle carrier wine boxes
2) 6" x 10" cardboard
6-8) 12" pieces of fabric/rope - for hanging the pants...

Other materials needed:
Duct Tape (white works best)
box knife or xacto knife
Acrylic craft paint
 ~ Brick Red
 ~ Light Brown
 ~ Dark Brown
 ~ Gold
 ~ Black
 ~ White
Foam Brush
Ivory Spray Paint
In this outfit slave leia this is from return of the jedi. Cool outfit!
Awesome! Great job!
I had no idea slave Leia was a Lego character! Great costume idea!!
That's awesome! Also, I never know that lego person existed or that a lego person existed showing so much skin!

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