Picture of Princess Leia Lego Costume
Ok, who is not a fan of Princess Leia in the bikini from Empire Strikes back? I mean really, is there ANYONE?

In trying to think of a unique costume for this year's work contest, I came across a costume for a 'regular' lego person and knew right away I could do that and crank it up a notch...and thus, the idea was born.

I scoured the web for pictures of the lego character from the video game and came across these...and thus, the adventure begins....

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Step 1: What you need....

Picture of What you need....
photo 42.JPG
With no blueprint, there is some work that you will need to do to determine what dimensions you need for your costume...but at a base level, you need:

For top:
2) 20" x 22" cardboard
2) 16" x 22" cardboard

For Head:
1) 10" x 28" posterboard
1) 3" x 26" posterboard
1) clear plastic bowl

For Hands:
2) 6" x 1" Styrofoam disks
2) popsicle sticks

For Legs: (there are different ways to do it, but this is what I did)
2) 4 bottle carrier wine boxes
2) 6" x 10" cardboard
6-8) 12" pieces of fabric/rope - for hanging the pants...

Other materials needed:
Duct Tape (white works best)
box knife or xacto knife
Acrylic craft paint
 ~ Brick Red
 ~ Light Brown
 ~ Dark Brown
 ~ Gold
 ~ Black
 ~ White
Foam Brush
Ivory Spray Paint

Step 2: Making the top

Picture of Making the top
photo 5.JPG
Take your two larger pieces of cardboard and trace out a trapezoid...16" along the top, 20" along the bottom and 22" long. Cut both pieces.

For the two smaller pieces....cut to 14" along the top, 16" along the bottom and 22" long.

Tape all four pieces together. Cut out two arm holes about 2" from the top on the sides.
CSI worker1 year ago
In this outfit slave leia this is from return of the jedi. Cool outfit!
Awesome! Great job!
poofrabbit2 years ago
I had no idea slave Leia was a Lego character! Great costume idea!!
That's awesome! Also, I never know that lego person existed or that a lego person existed showing so much skin!