Picture of Princess Mononoke Costume

Thank you everybody for the feature and all the supportive comments! It really means a lot to me, thank you all!! :-D

This is my first ever experience cosplaying!

I really wanted to be Princess Mononoke for Halloween. I've never cosplayed before so I wasn't sure where to start. I thought I'd just buy the costume online, but after seeing the price (800RMB) and the cheap material the costume was made out of, I decided to make the costume myself, and share my experience of becoming San for other-would-be Princess Mononoke cosplayers.

Please have a look at my official portfolio at http://theageofwolves.tumblr.com
Personal deviantART account: http://the-dark-fang.deviantart.com

Step 1: Costume Components

Picture of Costume Components
For the mask, I opted to use paper mache and cover it with a layer of paper clay, following this amazing tutorial here: http://www.otakucrafts.com/2012/10/princess-mononoke-san-mask-tutorial/

Knife/Spear: I made a cardboard knife prototype, covered it with paper mache and painted it, again following this method by the same author as the mask tutorial: http://www.otakucrafts.com/2012/09/princess-mononoke-san-cosplay-mask-and-knife-progress/

Headband/armband: This was easy, I just used a black cotton strap I had lying in my scrap drawer, and affixed the paper mache circle left over from cutting the holes from the mask. As for the armbands, I just used some spare bra straps.

Necklace: I was lucky enough to find a cheap necklace in a shop that looked just like fangs, so I didn't need to make the fangs out of clay myself. 

Dress: I hunted around online on Taobao (Chinese shopping site) for a suitable dress that would resemble San's blue one and I found one that had a skirt that tapered to a long point at the back but was shorter in the front. It wasn't exactly like San's dress but it would still work well.

Tunic: I got a cheap white tank top, cut off the bottom and slit the sides up to the arm seams, so it would fall open like San's tunic but wouldn't fall apart (pictures can explain this better than I can)

Shoes: This is something I could have improved on. I opted to wear brown leather boots since I'm a little on the small side and would like to appear taller. But these shoes look nothing like San's hide mocassins....

Fur cloak hood: Bought some fur online on Taobao, 75RMB for 50cm x 180cm, more than enough for me. :D
Aerystha made it!2 months ago

My first cosplay as well! I used this tutorial as a guideline, because it was really helpfull. Thanks for sharing!

San 2.jpg
TheFirewalker (author)  Aerystha3 days ago

Wow, that is amazing!!! :D I'm glad my tutorial was able to help you! How did you get the mask to stay flat against your back like that? Mine wouldn't do that and just kept bulging out so I ended up either holding it or wearing it on my head most of the time.

TabithaC216 days ago
Saan was my first cosplay too! Great job!
qwerty9241 year ago
this is pretty cool. i'd never wear it myself but i was pretty surprised to see something from haiow myazaki on here. i'm sure i just botched that name soo bad

Hayao Miyazaki :P

Awesome design! Now if someone could design the "squid" hat that ashitaka wore.
Myrdydd1 year ago
Bravo! Nicely done!
Great costume! I love this movie! You did a great job recreating her look!
buirv1 year ago
Totally Awesomely Hot! Love the look
kyismaster1 year ago
someone needs to mass produce these masks with ceramic ;u; freaking love this movie.
TheFirewalker (author)  kyismaster1 year ago
Great idea! :-D And perhaps the half mask too, the one San wears when she goes into battle with the boars. :)
yes! forgot about that scene.
vhoorn1 year ago
Great costume, you look very sweet in it.
TheFirewalker (author)  vhoorn1 year ago
Thank you!! :-D
FYI. This is awesome. One of my favorite movies when i was younger.
TheFirewalker (author)  Frugal_Momma1 year ago
Thank you! Yeah, it's one of my favourite movies too. It was an honor to be San for a day. :-D
I totally understand the honor part. Last time i went to Otakon i took a ton of pictures of people in cosplay. But the only one i had take with me in it, was with the only San i could find. Ironically i had my Princess Mononoke shirt on that day. :-)
TheFirewalker (author)  Frugal_Momma1 year ago
Hahaha! Maybe it was fate. :)
kretzlord1 year ago
SWEET! one of the best mononoke's i've seen
TheFirewalker (author)  kretzlord1 year ago
Really..? Wow, thanks! :D
I can agree with that as well! I love the overall feel or your costume. I also love the movie. i even got it for my eleventh birthday:)
Thank you. :-) The movie is very beautiful, it's one of my all time favorite movies. :-D
ecsaul231 year ago
Sweet! I love that movie. Thanks for representing :)
osfreak1 year ago
Awesome looking costume! Beautiful!
TheFirewalker (author)  osfreak1 year ago
Thank you so much! ^_^
thebear11 year ago
great job well done on write up and looking good  beautiful in fact
TheFirewalker (author)  thebear11 year ago
*blushes* Thank you! :)
Absolutely beautiful job! Wonderful details :)
Thank you so much! :D
wnq1 year ago
So beautiful princess!