Step 7: Clothes/Accessories

These are entirely up to you. You don't have to look absolutely like San, free free to take liberties with your costume. If you are on a budget, you may also be limited by what materials you're able to find/borrow/buy/make, so I suggest keeping your eyes peeled for anything around the house you can use.

Get a white tank top, and cut off the bottom to the length that you like. I cut it to just above my navel, taking into account the length of my dress. Slit the sides, cutting off the seams to just below the hemmed sleeve. The tunic will be held together by this little bit of hemmed fabric. If you want, you can cut it all the way through and add cords to tie the tunic together exactly like San's, but I preferred this method.

I hunted around on Taobao until I found a suitable dress. I originally wanted to cut off the tapering back of the skirt but when I put it on, I decided that the tapering skirt might work. Plus, it was a nice dress I could wear again anyway. :) This dress cost about 30RMB in case anybody is wondering.

Ashitaka's Necklace
I loved the necklace Ashitaka gave San in the movie. I loved the colors and how iridescent it was. I have a beautiful labradorite stone that I thought would suit the necklace very well. Labradorite is a stone that looks cloudy and gray at first, but when you tilt it at a certain angle to the light - BOOM! Flashes of blues, greens and turquoise assault your eyes! It's an incredibly beautiful stone and a phenomenon that you have to experience yourself, a photo doesn't do it justice.
I wrapped some red suede-like cord around the stone tightly to hold it in place. I was a little scared of it falling, though (Labradorite isn't the hardest stone) so I um... cheated a little by affixing little bits of tape to the cord and stone. Crude, but I didn't want to risk my stone.

Fang Necklace
On my vacation to Malaysia, I saw this awesome necklace in a costume jewelry shop. It wasn't expensive, about 15MYR (30RMB). The fang beads were originally clumped together and moved around. I wanted them spread out like San's necklace so I used thin wire to hold the beads in place. 
Most people just make the fangs and beads out of clay, string them and use them to fasten the cloak together. I was planning to do this until I found the necklace, which I think suits my bony collarbones better than if wore huge, heavy  clay fangs around my neck. O_o

I used old bra staps for the armbands. The great thing about this is that they have buckles, so I can tighten and loosen the straps as I please, and they're non-slip so I don't have to deal with falling armbands. 
For the headband, I got a wide black cotton cord, affixed the paper mache circle (left over from cutting the holes from the mask) to it using wire, then painting the edges black. This shall be tied around my head.

This step might go a lot more easier for most of you reading this, because I don't have my ears pierced so it's not like I can simply affix earring attachments on the paper mache circles (left from cutting the mask), put them in my ears and call it a day. I tried looking for clip-ons and magnetic earrings around, but to no avail. I could have bought them online but complications with recharging my Taobao account prevented me from doing so. So I did something very crude instead. I used strong double-sided tape and stuck them to my ears. *guilty look*
Hey, but it works and I can jump around without them falling off! Plus they are a lot more comfortable than magnetic earrings, since those things make my ears hurt like crazy afterwards...

(NB: In my photoshoot later I completely forgot about the earrings. Whoops!)

I went down to Wal-Mart and bought a pair of brown leather shoes for 90RMB. They're furred on the inside and keep my feet really warm. :) They don't look very San-like, but I didn't know how to make San's shoes properly and I was running out of time.

<p>My first cosplay as well! I used this tutorial as a guideline, because it was really helpfull. Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Wow, that is amazing!!! :D I'm glad my tutorial was able to help you! How did you get the mask to stay flat against your back like that? Mine wouldn't do that and just kept bulging out so I ended up either holding it or wearing it on my head most of the time.</p>
<p>My cousions friend who like sews and stuff did the most AMAZING San cosplay EVER! If I find a picture, I'll send it, plus she only had two weeks! What she did was do a tiny fabric loop on the bottom inside of the mask and there was a knotted rope somewhere in the fur of her cape on the top bit by her shoulders, and we just had to put the knot through the loop and it was nice and snug and looking gr8 on her back. Only problem, the loop was rather small so it took 10 minutes or so the first time XD</p>
<p>Hi nice costume.</p><p>So where did you get the paper clay, just wondering? And how do you make it look so easy?</p>
<p>I found a tutorial for paper clay, i havent tried it out yet but here it is http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Paper-Clay</p>
<p>I legit was looking at San from Princess Mononoke and this was maw fav and i saw it was from a tutorial and i was like omg bonus!! Thanks TheFirewalker for making this!! Gonna make it and wear it to a con</p>
<p>is there any chance you would have the link to where you bought the dress? I've been looking for ages but haven't been able to find anything ;-;</p>
<p>Hello! I'm sorry, I purchased the dress years ago and don't remember the link. It was on Taobao, a Chinese shopping website so I guess you would have trouble navigating it even if I did have the link. However, perhaps you could get one tailor made, or make it yourself using simple sewing templates available online. Good luck with your costume!</p>
This tutorial was awesome!!!! I made this for an anime convention held in my home city. Several people asked to take pictures with me and my friend dressed as Lady Eboshi. Thanks for this tutorial! It was amazing! ?
<p>Thank you! I'm so happy this tutorial was helpful to you, it really makes me happy when people say things like that :D Great pictures, looks like you and your friend had fun at the convention too! ^^</p>
Saan was my first cosplay too! Great job!
this is pretty cool. i'd never wear it myself but i was pretty surprised to see something from haiow myazaki on here. i'm sure i just botched that name soo bad
<p>Hayao Miyazaki :P</p>
Awesome design! Now if someone could design the &quot;squid&quot; hat that ashitaka wore.
Bravo! Nicely done!
Great costume! I love this movie! You did a great job recreating her look!
Totally Awesomely Hot! Love the look
someone needs to mass produce these masks with ceramic ;u; freaking love this movie.
Great idea! :-D And perhaps the half mask too, the one San wears when she goes into battle with the boars. :)
yes! forgot about that scene.
Great costume, you look very sweet in it.
Thank you!! :-D
FYI. This is awesome. One of my favorite movies when i was younger.
Thank you! Yeah, it's one of my favourite movies too. It was an honor to be San for a day. :-D
I totally understand the honor part. Last time i went to Otakon i took a ton of pictures of people in cosplay. But the only one i had take with me in it, was with the only San i could find. Ironically i had my Princess Mononoke shirt on that day. :-)
Hahaha! Maybe it was fate. :)
SWEET! one of the best mononoke's i've seen
Really..? Wow, thanks! :D
I can agree with that as well! I love the overall feel or your costume. I also love the movie. i even got it for my eleventh birthday:)
Thank you. :-) The movie is very beautiful, it's one of my all time favorite movies. :-D
Sweet! I love that movie. Thanks for representing :)
Awesome looking costume! Beautiful!
Thank you so much! ^_^
great job well done on write up and looking good&nbsp; beautiful in fact
*blushes* Thank you! :)
Absolutely beautiful job! Wonderful details :)
Thank you so much! :D
So beautiful princess!

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