Step 4: Cover and Emboss the Cake

Roll out fondant in the color of your choice(I airbrushed mine at the end) Cover cake with fondant. Immediately  use a back of a paintbrush or a gumpaste tool or this handy wheel from Wilton and draw a quilted pattern on the fondant. You may also want to put little marks on the corner of each  diamond .
That is simply beautiful! I can't imagine there is a girl out there who wouldn't want this cake! Such wonderful detail :)
Thank you very much. i appreciate it.
Cool! <br>
that's my cousin!!!!!! she's the one who encouraged me to make cake stuff!! i'm so glad you joined instructables, Lynne!! you're going to love it here, and you're going to school us! ;)
oh kristy, you are too kind..lol <br>I only encouraged you because I knew you would have fun and be great at it.But now i am regretting that because you are too much competition.lol.
it must be delicious
It was...yellow cake with vanilla frosting...mmmmmmm !!!

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Bio: I make cake for my friends and family occasionally as a hobby. I also enjoy crocheting.
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