Princess Ribbon Hair Clip





Introduction: Princess Ribbon Hair Clip

I just inspired this from Anna in frozen fever hair clip! It's so easy to make!

Step 1: Materials

You need :
small plastic crown
ribbons (2 kinds)
small hair clip
latex glue
clear tape

Step 2: Cut Your Ribbons

cut your ribbons into an equal length

Step 3: Glue With a Crown

fold a little bit on the glueing side as picture 2, glue it with a crown

Step 4: Glue a Hairclip

I change a kind of hair clip, You can use any kind you'd like, Glue it on a crown

Step 5: Finish!

So easy! isn't it? Keep shine at your party!



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    This is so cute!! I am making one for my cousin, she'll love it!

    wow! I'm glad that you're going to make it (But now I thinks you did it for a month :P) I wish your cousin will love it!

    ribbon likes to fray, so when you're working with it, there are a few things you can do to help stop it. using a fray stop adhesive for the edge is the easy one, but you can also cut the ends at an angle like /or \ or ^ (the same concept as with pinking shears).

    if you want to make it look especially finished, you can fold over the ends and glue them down, that way you never see the raw edge of the fabric. that will also help fraying.

    Thanks! Mum told me my cats may play it so it look fray, hahaha