Introduction: Princess Seam Pattern (without a Dress Form)

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I was planning an idea I have for cosplay, and it required princess seams.
Princess seams are usually done on a mannequin, but I don't have one.

Therefore, I figured out how to make a pattern for princess seams out of a t-shirt for myself :D

Step 1: Supplies

- a t-shirt you are willing to cut up
- scissors
- a lot of pins!
- a pen

Step 2: Pinning

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Put your t-shirt on inside out

Pin where you want the seams to go-- be careful not to pin yourself!

Step 3: Marking

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mark lines about 1/4 inch from the pins, creating a line where you will cut.
they 1/4 inch room you leave is for seam allowance.

unpin the shirt and take it off.

Step 4: Cutting

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Cut the shirt along the lines you drew!
also, cut along the side shoulder, and arm seams of the shirt.
*note: to make the right and left sides equal, i cut out the right side and flipped it over to create the left side.

Your pieces should look something like this.

Step 5: Finished

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Keep the back piece!

Lay the pieces out and label them.

Just to check that the pieces are aligned correctly, you can repin the pieces.

I am going to use this pattern for a cosplay I am working on, I may post it in the future! :3


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