Picture of Pringle Coffee Table
This coffee table was hand crafted using old Pringles tubes, an old mirror and an old pizza base. I tried to use as many disused items as possible to build my new coffee table in order to show that anything can be used and joined together to make something worthwhile
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Step 1:

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Starting point, collect 12 full size Pringle cans, a glass circular top (I’m using an old mirror) and an old pizza base (10 inch base is ideal size to fit 6 Pringle cans)

Equipment used:  a scalpel, scissors, super glue, acrylic paint (red, blue and green) and a paint brush, Easy!

Step 2:

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Wash out Pringle cans but make sure all lids are kept safe (they’ll be needed later)

Step 3:

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Make sure you have your pizza base ready and then collect your super glue. Squeeze out a thin layer of super glue and cover the lip of the base of the Pringle can and push down firmly onto the pizza base to secure.

Step 4:

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Repeat this method for each can and fit them together around the pizza base.

Step 5:

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The exact same process needs to be completed for the second tier of the coffee table stand. So simply add a thin layer of super glue to the lip on the base of the can and apply pressure when sticking it to the top of the other Pringle cans.

Step 6:

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Once all the cans have had super glue applied and have been stuck on top of the other cans, the next step is to collect your old mirror and lids.

Step 7:

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The next step to be completed is to paint for of the Pringle can lids. I used Acrylic paint, Red, Blue and Green (the colour of the Pringle cans used, plus red and blue can be mixed to make the maroon fourth Pringle can colour). Painting the tops adds to the final affect of the table and also when glued to the table, stops the glue from being seen.
Haha, fun idea :D