Picture of Pringles Can Speaker
My mom happened to get a bunch of Pringles one day. On the front it said "Win a free speaker" if you bought 4 cans and if you had the receipt. Unfortunately, I didn't have the receipt so I couldn't order the speaker. I took things into my own hands and built something better.
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Step 1: Starting

Picture of Starting
Surprisingly, I found a speaker that fit the can perfectly on the can. Fit the speaker on the TOP and install with glue.

Step 2: Amp

Picture of Amp
Next, if you have a amp, drill holes in the cap for the knobs. Cut the bottom piece of metal on the can out. Install amp with glue.

Step 3: Go

Now, plug in and go!
grimmjowking10 months ago
What amp did you use for this project
grimmjowking10 months ago
What amp did you use for this project
gkeeler2 years ago
The speaker deal is back until 10/31/2012. Get it now at Also check out the can mods to inprove base by adding a port or by building a bass reflex box out of cardboard. (search you tube)
crtn22 years ago
if you are going to use this with a iPod or any mp3 player that has a headphone output, you can connect the speaker directly to headphone output and get rid of amplifier.
GummiBear3 years ago
This is pretty random, but what flavors of pringles do you like best? I like sour cream and onion, and pizza. Yum :)
Original and and bbq also spicy ones!
hunter13 (author)  GummiBear2 years ago
fireguard3 years ago
What type speaker did you use? Did you just have to match the size? Also, was the amp a pull out? I haven't seen any of those; where would you suggest to look? Thanks, Looks great, by the way. Can't eat just one, eh?
hunter13 (author)  fireguard3 years ago
The speaker and the amp came out of another set of speakers. I think the amp was an HP. I don't know about the speaker. And yes, I love Pringles.
lukeD3 years ago
here is the "real" pringles speaker:
hunter13 (author)  lukeD3 years ago
That's great! Too bad I couldn't get one. Thanx