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Introduction: Pringles Can Speaker

My mom happened to get a bunch of Pringles one day. On the front it said "Win a free speaker" if you bought 4 cans and if you had the receipt. Unfortunately, I didn't have the receipt so I couldn't order the speaker. I took things into my own hands and built something better.

Step 1: Starting

Surprisingly, I found a speaker that fit the can perfectly on the can. Fit the speaker on the TOP and install with glue.

Step 2: Amp

Next, if you have a amp, drill holes in the cap for the knobs. Cut the bottom piece of metal on the can out. Install amp with glue.

Step 3: Go

Now, plug in and go!



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    What amp did you use for this project

    What amp did you use for this project

    The speaker deal is back until 10/31/2012. Get it now at Also check out the can mods to inprove base by adding a port or by building a bass reflex box out of cardboard. (search you tube)

    if you are going to use this with a iPod or any mp3 player that has a headphone output, you can connect the speaker directly to headphone output and get rid of amplifier.

    This is pretty random, but what flavors of pringles do you like best? I like sour cream and onion, and pizza. Yum :)

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    Original and and bbq also spicy ones!

    What type speaker did you use? Did you just have to match the size? Also, was the amp a pull out? I haven't seen any of those; where would you suggest to look? Thanks, Looks great, by the way. Can't eat just one, eh?

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    The speaker and the amp came out of another set of speakers. I think the amp was an HP. I don't know about the speaker. And yes, I love Pringles.

    here is the "real" pringles speaker:

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    That's great! Too bad I couldn't get one. Thanx