Introduction: Pringles DIY Candles

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This is just a slightly different approach to pvc Candles using pringles cans you can get a larger candle to work with.

First you will need the following items:

  1. Pringles cans
  2. cutting knife or razor blade
  3. cotton balls
  4. glue gun
  5. white spray paint
  6. cardboard rolls from toilet paper or paper towel
  7. 1 fake candle
  8. Scissors
  9. Brown or black paintg
  10. water
  11. Paint brush

Step 1: Sizes

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OK to start off take however many cans your using and start cutting them into the sizes you want to have for your candles.

Step 2: Height and Placement

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Now that you have your sizes take your cardboard roll and your tealight candle , Measure your tealight candle's base height and cut the same length from your cardboard roll

Step 3: Step 3:Sizing

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Take the section you have cut earlier from the cardboard roll you want to cut the card board and pull it around your tealight candle, leave a little room you will need it to pull your tea light in and out to turn on and off.

Step 4: Cover Cutting

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Take your pringle can cover and cut out where i have marked the lines.

Step 5: Setting

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Take your pringles cover and using the tealight holder you cut in step 3. Find a spot just below the surface to align your plastic into the can so you can see your light above the can. Using your glue gun glue this in place.

Step 6: Stuffing

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Now place your candle holder onto the center and glue the cardboard down carefully. Take your cotton balls and pack them in the gap as shown by the arrow.

Step 7: Forming

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Now glue over the top of your cotton balls and let the extra glue run down the sides keep doing this and add several layers of dripping glue to form your candle.Do not allow any glue into the center it will screw up the fit of your tealight.

Step 8: Painting

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Take your cans outside or to a vented area and spray them with white spray paint.

Step 9: Staining

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Take your dark paint and your water and mix up a 75/25 mix of 75% water to 25% paint. Using a paintbrush liberally drip the paint mixture into the cracks i prefer to hold my cans upside down and let it run into the cracks. take some paper towels and wipe off the excess. do this several times until you get the look your looking for.

Step 10: Finished

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Add in your tealights and you are done. Now you can add them to a grave stone or put them on a skull or some books add some cobwebs. have fun with it.

Thanks for checking out my Instructable keep checking back for more soon.

Twisted Viszions


Mad Props (author)2017-08-29

Well done.

agirlnamedraquel (author)2017-08-28

This is such a cool idea!

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