Picture of Pringles Golf
This is an easy way to quickly convert a Pringles can into a portable golf hole in a matter of minutes. This is intended both for those who like to play minigolf but are on a limited budget and those that live a highly mobile web 2.0 lifestyle.

A special thanks goes out to Fungus Amungus who saw us trying to hit golf balls into a sideways Pringles can and suggested that we turn it upright and cut slits in it. When we just kinda shrugged and resumed what we were doing, he picked it up, cut some slits in it and plopped it back down. Sure enough, it worked great!

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Step 1: Go get stuff

Picture of Go get stuff
You will need one of each of the following:

- Pringles can
- Tape measure
- Marker
- Box cutter

Step 2: Eat the Pringles

Picture of Eat the Pringles
It is important to eat the Pringles as not to let any of the food go to waste.

Step 3: Wash out the can

Picture of Wash out the can
Give the inside of the can a quick rinse with water and then wipe it off.

Step 4: Cut off the lip

Picture of Cut off the lip
Cut off the cardboard lip from the opening of the can.

Step 5: Mark the spacing

Picture of Mark the spacing
Wrap your tape measure around the bottom of the can. With a marker trace a line that it about 1" to .5" away from the absolute bottom. This later will be the line that you cut to.

Next, with the tape measure still wrapped around the can, make markings that are about .5" apart. Continue making markings .5" apart up the length of the can at an interval of about an inch. Make sure that they stay perfectly aligned with your original markings.

Step 6: Draw cut lines

Picture of Draw cut lines
Using your ruler and guide marking thats you just made, draw straight cut lines down the length of the can. Remeber to stop at the circumference line that you drew about an inch from the bottom.

Step 7: Cut along the cut lines

Picture of Cut along the cut lines
With your ruler, cut along the straight vertical cut lines and stop at the line you drew around the circumference of the can.
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smitty161 year ago
ilpug3 years ago
Does the ball ever fall down in the cracks between the paper strips? It seems to me that after a while they might start to bend or get wimpy, and make it so the ball doesn't get there. If you put some duct tape on it to make it more of a solid cone it would probably eliminate any failures.
SHIFT!4 years ago
You know what this would be awesome for? Cardboard Mini Golf.
FrozenIce4 years ago
Pringle can what lol it made me lol
kcls5 years ago
Sweet! Any instructable on making the robot head?
madc0ws6 years ago
Where can I get clubs similar to those? Right now I'm using a lacross stick haha
peach_fart6 years ago
some of us (read almost all of us) cant go to the tower or the headquarters for that matter.
rachel7 years ago
I must take objection to this step. Pringles may appear to be food, but in reality they are premasticated, pressed sawdust with a large heaping of salt. I recommend removing them all from the can and blowing them up somehow.
But they're so EXTREME!
to the EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!
I think they're made of potatoes
Phoghat7 years ago
I work as a councillor in an adult group home and I peruse Instructables not only for my own projects but to find stuff for the clients that is fun. This is a great idea for our Memorial Day Barbecue.
You sure you're not a 'counsellor'?
Funny I should find you correcting spelling errors in the comment section. ;)
Surprised, much? (:P)
FYI. The most common variation of the word is spelled councelor. "Counsellor" is considered a variant, except in Great Britain, where it's more common to spell it with 2 l's. I hope my counsel is appreciated. Nice addition none the less. I love irony.
You looked that up!! Nerd. Oh wait... so did I. Never mind.
Phoghat kibbler7 years ago
You know we should start some sort of discussion on being a grammarian. Maybe we could write an instructable on that. Go stick that up your Funk and Wagnall's.
Funkin' ay!
Monster to blind man: Irony Good, Pedants bad!
I live in Australia - we speak the English, just like the English. Glad you like irony. I do too. :) P.S. This is a funny thread!
This is what I like to see! Intelligent people who use their grammar skills for good purposes (correcting grammar nazis), not for hounding everyone on the internet who makes a typo! As far as the project, very interesting. Simple enough for anyone to make and enjoy. I like the comment below about adding another can and strips to decrease the voids.
How about a paper plate????
1. I counsel 2. I am also a member of the council who counsel 3. I like fancy British variants Hope that clears up for you. Now, can we just get along?
Oh and by the way, councillor is a word. It means one appointed to a council. Whos to say that Phoghat isn't one.
whos < who's Mwaaaaa haaaaaaa I got your 6 Pkranger88
Look at the context. Duh. 2 mistakes by you - Bam!
T.M.M .7 years ago
I'd make this if my mom would let me buy a pringles can .
*Gasp* Your mom's evil!
she is satan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just kidding
kibbler T.M.M .7 years ago
= You haven't experienced the wonders of Pringles!?!
I'm so sorry. =
sir bobby7 years ago
very cool-I will make this
Gjdj37 years ago
Working at instructables looks awesome. What else do you guys do there? What's in a normal day? How many questions will I have?
Gjdj37 years ago
Has anyone done an instructable on how to make the cool robot head?
n8man7 years ago
Try folding it in two places, one at the bottom and one half way down the side to create an inverted cone inside a cone
Thornburg7 years ago
You could also use something like newspaper and put it around it to give it that dome look. Looks really cool though. By the way those Buffalo Wing flavored Pringles are the bomb (in step 2)
Heywasup7 years ago
Im a bbbbiiiiiggggg golf fan! I love this idea. Added to favorites and i give it 5 star rating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gmm4life7 years ago
Oddly enough, I was mowing my lawn and found a Pringles can on the side of the side of the road!! I'm gonna go make this right now.
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