Introduction: Pringles Lifter

pringles lifter

3D printed appliance to pringles chips from the box to pick up anyone
know if your hand is too thick you can not look good at so with this device you can easily hop on pringles from the box lifts

what you need :

for the large one and thats the best

you need a large printer

materials is flexpla (i dit not use others to test it)

dimensions are 27 cm long and 1.5 cm wide

the smal one that u can print on every 3d printer is 20 com long and 1.5 cm wide

Step 1:

print the file

this one is for the big one and best to use

Step 2:

if u wand to print your self

this is the small one

its a bit wider 2mm

you can print on a regular printer

whit exotics

Step 3:

Picture of

if the are printed the look like this

Step 4:

Picture of

open the can

put the cap on and lay the pringles box down

so the pringles lay on the underside of the box like pic 3

Step 5:

Picture of

put the pringles lifter in like ont pic whole the way to the botom

this is importend that the lage back of the lifter whole the way down is

if it not work from the first time try more

Step 6:

Picture of

turn the lifter 90 degries so it look like the pic

Step 7:

Picture of

when its all done turn the can so it looks like the pic

Step 8:

Picture of

now your are ready to pull

you can lay down the can and pull

or pull the lifter up so the pringles are a few cm above the edge of the can and pull back the turn out in the lifter

and let it rust on the edge like pic 1

you can do this

you can pull the pringles up for every 3cm or so

Step 9:

Picture of

when finis just let the pringles down and bend the lifter in the box and close for next time

Step 10:

Picture of

the smaller one is a little bit chorter

and more dificult to lift the pringles out the larger box

so i prefer the larger one

does it work yes for 99%

sometimes it's not from the first time to reatch the botom of the can but it works

i hope that you enjoy the pringles lifter


raditooo made it! (author)2017-08-28

I made it but i didn't use flexpla so it can't bend too much. Is there any information of how much percentage of infill i should give to print it?

Bartd1 (author)raditooo2017-08-28

i use flexpla becaus it bend well and i let it printed solid

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2016-06-24

Very handy! I love Pringles :)

Bartd1 (author)Penolopy Bulnick2016-06-28

thanks pleas chear

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