Picture of Pringles: Once you prank, you can't stop!
April fool is coming so I made this to prank my friends and co-workers on that day.  It's simple to make and everything you need is commonly available at home.

-Can of Pringles
-2 Rubber bands (same size, about 3" in diameter)
-1 empty soda can
-Small piece of card board
-About 1 ft of fishing line
-2 tennis balls

-small nail
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Step 1:

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Eat all the delicious Pringles!!  

Be sure to safe the seal and lid.

Step 2:

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Put the Pringle can on top of the card board and draw around it.

Step 3:

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Cut the card board out a little smaller than the circle you just drew so it will fit inside the can.  

Then staple the rubber bands onto the piece of card board.

Step 4:

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Use the small nail to poke two holes just under the silver rim about 1/2" apart.  

Do the same on the opposite side across from the holes.

Step 5:

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Put the fishing line through the two holes and tie around the rubber bands.  Cut the extra fishing line off.

Do the same on the opposite side.

Step 6:

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Put the two tennis balls into the can.  The tennis balls are for weight so when you friend pick up the can of Pringles it wouldn't feel empty.  You can use something else but tennis balls fit well so I used them.

Step 7:

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Put the empty soda can on the card board launching platform and put the seal and lid on top of the soda can.

Push down and closed the lid.

The Pringle can is now LOADED! and ready to scare your friends when they open it.

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vanianyan256 months ago

can we put a glitter in it??

Sooooooooo crazy/funny/cool! ;)

peny1231 year ago


i tried this on my friend and he peed his pants

Considering the fact that you posted the comment 8 times, I think he peed his pants...

Bobey1 year ago
I did it today
i tried this on my friend and he peed his pants
kaway27 (author)  sickdevotee631 year ago
LOL...good one.
i tried this on my friend and he peed his pants
i tried this on my friend and he peed his pants
i tried this on my friend and he peed his pants
i tried this on my friend and he peed his pants
i tried this on my friend and he peed his pants
Hehehe, wait till my roommate figures out this one.
Advar1 year ago
Hehehe, gotta try this! Just lovely!
I just voted for you that is super awsome were do you come up with ideas like that I can't wait to do this to my cousan,grandma,mom,sister,brother,uncle,dad,grandpa,aunt, and my former roomate
kaway27 (author)  sickdevotee632 years ago
Thanks. Have fun pranking.
out of all of my favorate instructabels id choose this one
kaway27 (author)  sickdevotee632 years ago
Thank you. Glad you like it.
bajablue2 years ago
Love this!!!
kaway27 (author)  bajablue2 years ago
thank you.
Voted! cool idea :)
kaway27 (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz2 years ago
thank you.
Bobey2 years ago
Nicely awesomely freaky
kaway27 (author)  Bobey2 years ago
thank you.
craftpro2 years ago
Ok, this is an AWESOME trick!
kaway27 (author)  craftpro2 years ago
thank you.
SacredDemon2 years ago
Hmmm could just use pringles instead of the soda can to add some mess to this prank.
kaway27 (author)  SacredDemon2 years ago
You can do that but you will be wasting all the delicious Pringles.
True, an excellent point you make indeed haha
Looooove it...
mjknitter592 years ago
Works great! Thanks so much.
kaway27 (author)  mjknitter592 years ago
You're welcome.
JonB192 years ago
Something you can do, you can take the cap from hairspray or other similarly sized canisters and glue it to the top of the can. then fill it with glitter or confetti for a nice effect.
kaway27 (author)  JonB192 years ago
Make it and let me know how it works.
I just made my own & will see how well it's received at work on Monday.
kaway27 (author)  Tom Hargrave2 years ago
Cool..let me know how it works.
ferrerdou2 years ago
Very good projet, it deserve an OK. Well done, ferrerdou
kaway27 (author)  ferrerdou2 years ago
Thank you.
certainly gives "bursting with flavour" a new meaning
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