Introduction: Pringles Solar Oven!

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In this instructable I will show you how to make a solar oven out of a Pringles container!

Step 1: Resources!

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- Pringles Container!
- Tin Foil
- Plastic Wrap
- Utility Knife
- Duct Tape
- Spray Paint
- Skewers

Step 2: Spray Paint Prepping!

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Before you spray paint make sure that you have you cap from your Pringles container off!

Step 3: Spray Paint!

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The first step is to spray paint the Pringles container black. I did 2 coats of paint but it would be fine if you did 1 coat, the only reason that I did a second coat is because I missed a few spots on the first time coat so I had to redo it!

Step 4: Getting the Cuts Ready!

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In this step I put a piece of tape on the place where I am gonna cut the flaps for the solar oven!

Step 5: Making the Cuts!

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In this step I make 1 cut across the middle of the piece of tape and 2 more cuts on each side of the piece of tape to create flaps that I can fold up and make them reflect the sunlight into the solar oven and make it heat up better!

Step 6: Peeling the Tape Off!

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With this step I peeled off the tape that I used to guide my cuts!

Step 7: Sealing the Heat!

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I cut out this piece of plastic so that I could use it to seal the heat inside the container! Once I cut it out I hot glued it onto the container so that no heat would seek its way out!

Step 8: Making It Reflect!

Picture of Making It Reflect!

What I did in this step was I put tin foil overtop the flaps so that the sunlight would reflect into the solar oven better!

Step 9: Cooking Prep!

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In this step I make 1 hole in the bottom of the Pringles container and 1 hole in the cap for the skewer and I make 1 extra hole in the cap so that I can put the thermometer in the container so that I can check the temperature! I also found the perfect tool to make the holes! I also hot glued around the hole in the cap where the skewer went in!

Step 10: Cooking Time!

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Those are the step that you all have been waiting for is here! In this step I get the hotdog onto the skewer and set it out in the sun, make sure that your solar oven is positions so that it is directly facing the sun! I recommend checking on the solar oven every 30 minutes or so and reposition the solar oven so that it is facing the sun again because the sun will most likely move in those 30 minutes unless you are frozen in time!

Step 11: The Finished Product!

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The solar oven worked very well and the hotdogs tasted very good!

Step 12: Doggo Approved!

Picture of Doggo Approved!

I know someone who likes the hotdogs!


Triggger (author)2017-10-08

nice solar oven

Triggger (author)Triggger2017-10-08

nice dog

BridgetteG3 (author)2017-10-05

Do you know what temperature the interior of the oven got to?

Zipster 47 (author)BridgetteG32017-10-05

The oven got to 40 degrees Celsius!

IM17 (author)Zipster 472017-10-05

Or 104 degrees F, just the right temp. to get those microbes multiplying like crazy. Would be safer to just eat the hot dog right out of the package. Try increasing the size of the reflector until you can get over 70C.

BridgetteG3 (author)Zipster 472017-10-05

Wow! Thank you!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-09-16

Great idea. Have you tried cooking anything other than hot dogs?

No I have only used hotdogs to cook!

Pumuggel (author)2017-09-18

According to your photos your from Down Under, I suppose ... ;-)

Zipster 47 (author)Pumuggel2017-10-05

I think it is a glitch!

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