Step 10: Solder the Coils Together

Picture of Solder the Coils Together
Follow the wiring diagram. Seriously. Don't even read another word of this, because it will only be confusing.

Well, actually, here are some useful tips:
- solder flux helps a lot. You can use a lot less solder and with a lot less hassle.
- follow the diagram (bears repeating)
- do one group at a time. Start with A1 to A2, A2 to A3, A3 to A4, then go to the B group
- test the layout using the pattern provided.
- solder a thicker wire lead to the "1" end of each group. This will lead to the rectifier. More on that soon.
wheatstone6 years ago
To join the wires together I used a quick method...telecom connectors from all tronics 10 for $2.00 . Just insert the wires and snap the button with a pair of plyers. DONE! Or see your local telephone man butter him or her up and maybe they would have extras to lend. These connectors even have a sealing silicone to wheather proof the wires! Hey they work on your land lines so why not here.
netbuddy6 years ago
What other configurations have you tried for the coils wiring?
mikejedw (author)  netbuddy6 years ago
Take a peek at step 13--I go over the issue with the configuration there. In brief, the configuration I'm using is called "Y" (or "wye"). It favors voltage generation over current generation. Another configuration, "delta", favors current over voltage. Your choice of configuration depends on your needs--I needed more voltage, so I used "Y".
So I'm about to go buy the materials I need to build one of these rad contraptions, and while I hate to be a pushy possum, I can scarcely make out the wiring in the diagram. Is there any chance you could upload a hand-drawn diagram? Sorry to bug you like this, but it would really help me out.
mikejedw (author)  HerrBuckliger7 years ago
Take a peek at Step 3. The first of the two PDF files available on that page has a wiring diagram that shows how to solder these guys together.
Hey, you're right. Duh. Thanks!