Step 15: Test!

Picture of Test!
No time like the present. Blow on it, put it in the wind, attach magnets to the vertical piece of the frame and tack it up on a AC vent, hit with a Shop Vac blower (I've done this--it holds up just fine).

Some tips:
*apply more WD-40 if needed (note: a helpful commenter let me know that WD-40 is not a lubricant, but a solvent that has similiar properties--until it dries up. Use light weight oil instead, 5 to 10 weight)
*blowing on it will get you about .5 V DC with my set up. Hopefully you will get a lot more (it's those thin wire wraps that will do it for you)
*I had 1.12 volts with it sitting on a fairly gentle AC vent
*with the Shop Vac, it gets up to 6 V at least before it starts to rattle like crazy and pop out of the dimples. You will probably get even better results.
DrJekyl6 years ago
Actually, just try this out: Does this thing generate more power when the AC is venting out hot air? The higher temperature the air is at, the more energy its particles possess. This would mean that when these air particles collide with the surface of the turbine blades, they would be getting more work done while losing some heat, and hopefully you'd get a higher RPM.
ijsche27 years ago
I got 7 volts with one 36 gauge coil being spun by a fan on high. However I had a terrible time making the coils with such a small wire without breaking. I ended having to use a 32 gauge wire.