Step 5: Attach the Magnets

Picture of Attach the Magnets
The best thing you can do here is to look at the diagram in the PDF from a few steps back. Basically, you need to attach the magnets (glue, tape, epoxy, whatever works) to the CDs in such a way that the poles alternate. A magnet that faces north follows one facing south follow one facing north, etc. If you're confused, do check the diagram. Marking the poles with a Sharpie also really helps.
G14diat0r4 years ago
hey, I'm making a generator for a project, and I'm making a small scale model, and I was wondering if there was an equation that I could use to calculate the voltage/amp output of it at different rpms, and with different numbers of magnets.
Xedrius6 years ago
How many Gausses should they have? and how many amp produce it? i want to make one of 5 watt aprox i dont know if this is possible with your design
DrJekyl6 years ago
Looks neat. Didn't those magnets attract/repel each other, while being fitted so close? Did you have to hold them in place till they stuck to the CD?
netbuddy6 years ago
I just bought some magnets, they are listed as N42 Neodymium and are 12mm x 3mmA which I thought would be enough. They have a 2.3 Kg pull force, is this ok for a project like this?
madcow117 years ago
What size are the magnets? Do you think the "20mm dia x 10mmA Neodymium Magnet" N42 grade magnets from http://www.emagnetsuk.com/index.asp?function=DISPLAYCAT&catid=9 would work?
Also, do you know approx how many turns would be needed for 36 gauge wire in the coils? I am unsure how much i will need.
Thanks, I am using your design for a physics experiment.
DanLoney7 years ago
what kind, or grade of magnets are those? i wouldnt imagne them to be too powerful since they are so close but i want to get a estimate of thier "Electricity moving power"... sounds dorky i know =D and how close to the coils are they?
mikejedw (author)  DanLoney7 years ago
They are actually fairly powerful for their size. I can't recall the exact type now, but I remember them being roughly equivalent in strength to some N40 grade magnets I ordered from amazingmagnets.com. I positioned the magnets so that they'd be as close to the coils as possible without colliding--I think I got within about 2 or 3 mm. Closer is definitely better, if you can manage it.
very cool, thanks for the reply i just might have to make an army of these, i saw on the website u can get 50 for a very cheap price haha ~DanLoney
hey man, just want to ask do i have to use cd's or can i use any thing? thanx soooooooooooo much bro!!!!!!
mikejedw (author)  adrean willis7 years ago
You can pretty much use anything. CDs worked out to be the right size. We've had discussions on this forum about maybe using steel paint-can lids, too, which might help sort of "amplify" the effect of the magnets. Worth trying!