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Step 1: Conclusion

hai, hai, hai,

its cute but i don't understand properly, i want to know how the usage is reduced.
Whether the cost of ink or quality of the paper, where the printing takes place.

Is it applicable for recycled paper or ordinary paper>

Pls clear my doubt ? ia m very eager to know it.
berky937 years ago
what does greenprint do? I dont get it
BrianKT (author)  berky937 years ago
It is basically print preview on steroids. You can choose which pages not to print, remove text or images, create a PDF, track how much money you saved, and more. It helps format the printing easier.
Nice. If nothing else, this is great for PC users that want to be able to print to PDF.
BrianKT (author)  shadowspirit7 years ago
Thanks! GreenPrint install a standalone PDF printer, too. So you just print, choose directory, and theres a PDF.