Print Out Overhead Watch Light [Cheap and Easy and Solder-less ]

Picture of Print Out Overhead Watch Light [Cheap and Easy and Solder-less ]
This Instructable is for those who have watches that do not have built in lights. I find it quite irritating to not be able to see my watch in the dark therefore I developed this easy print out version of an overhead light. 

Difficulty: Beginner 
Price: Aprox. $3
Time: 5-10 Min

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Step 1: Begin

Picture of Begin
After measuring several different watches lengths, widths, and thicknesses, I was able to round some numbers. After downloading the PDF you will find a worksheet with 4 different sized watch prints. Please locate the one that fits your watch best. I appologize if none of them fit your specific watch. If that is the case then feel free to alter the closest match to meet your needs. 

Step 2: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
I will be using the third largest print for my watch. Cut out your print along the outside edge. (Ignore latch tabs in the pictures) Once your print is cut out, cut along the lines inside the battery circle. Finally, cut out the center circle which will allow your watch to be seen. Feel free to alter the thickness as I did.

Step 3: Test and Prepare

Picture of Test and Prepare
Now test that the 3 volt button cell battery fits in the cut slot. If you hear ripping at any time or see that the battery won't fit, I find it best to increase the size of the cut toward the middle. 
Prepare: You will now need 1-3 LEDs depending on your chosen size. I recommend yellow LEDs for they are not blindingly bright and still allow you to see the time. It is, of course, up to your preference. 
Also gather scrap wire and pre-crease on the printed lines of the middle section.