Step 2: Setting Up Inkscape and "Better DXF Output"

Download and install Inkscape from inkscape.org. If you're running Windows you can use the installable or portable (no install required) version.

To install the "Better DXF Output" extension, download the file better_dxf_output.zip. Extract the three files and put them in "C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions" (if you installed the Windows version) or "...\InkscapePortable\App\Inkscape\share\extensions" (if you're using the Windows portable version) or "usr/share/inkscape/extensions" (if you installed the Linux version).

Start up Inkscape and you should now be able to save drawings as "Better DXF Output" files. We need to use this extension because OpenSCAD requires R12 DXF files, and Inkscape 0.48 and newer exports R13 DXF files.
<p>Perfect! Exactly the instructions I have been searching for! Thanks!</p>
How do I do this without the tag and just my design?
If you don't want to circular attachment point at the top, you can remove the last &quot;paragraph&quot; from the OpenSCAD code. So it would be just:<br> <br> <em>width = 50; // the x size of the logo<br> length = 40.572; // the y size of the logo<br> logodepth = 2; // how far in the z direction you want the logo extruded<br> backdepth = 1; // thickness of the back of the key fob<br> padding = 3; // how far from the edge you want the logo<br> <br> translate(v = [0, 0, backdepth]) linear_extrude(height = logodepth) import(file = &quot;logo.DXF&quot;);&nbsp; // importing and extruding the logo<br> <br> minkowski()&nbsp; // this is a transformation that adds a second shape (the cylinder) around the outside of the first shape (the cube)<br> {<br> cube([width, length, backdepth/2]);&nbsp; // a cube to go behind the logo<br> cylinder(r=padding, h=backdepth/2);&nbsp; // rounding the corners of the cube<br> }</em>
Awesome educational connection. Practical applications of geometry and algebra FTW. Bonus points for firing up an IP discussion with students. Also, cool fobs. :)
Thanks :) <br><br>Part of my job involves having digital citizenship conversations with students (and staff), so I like to fire up IP discussions whenever possible. <br><br>And everybody loves geometry and algebra, eh.

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