Here is a quick and cheap way to print anything on your skin. This can be used if you ever need to make or fake a tattoo or a party stamp.

Step 1: What You Need

Items needed :
1. A piece of paper
2. Tape
3. An inkjet printer
<p>How long does this last? I need to have two sets of eyes for a cosplay I'm working on, but I would have to put it on my face and I don't want to walk around with two sets of eyes for longer than the convention day I wear the cosplay. Is there a quick way to get it off (like the normal press on tattoos you can use rubbing alcohol or olive oil to get it off)</p>
Inkjet printer ink can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
<p>do I have to use a inkjet?</p>
<p>Yes, this only works with inkjet printers.</p>
<p>I'm going to try this, but with parchment paper instead. Also, by rights a transparency sheet (think overhead projector) should work as well. I don't have any of those on hand so I won't be able to test that theory.</p>
<p>transparency film did work. I used it and it worked quite well. </p>
<p>does the ink have to be wet?</p>
<p>No, it does not need to be wet. </p>
<p>Does this work with a LaserJet printer? </p>
No, it only works with inkjet printers :(
<p>;-; No wonder when i tried it didn't work. If I bought tattoo paper would it work? (The kind where you put in a printer and it comes out as a tattoo)</p>
<p>I don't know about tattoo paper. Regular paper covered with tape works well with inkjet printers. My guess is that it won't be possible at all with a laser printer :(</p>
<p>try parchment paper... Works great</p>
<p>i used parchment paper and wax paper both worked but the parchment paper is best in my opinion.</p>
<p>If you spray it with hair spray, it will last longer.</p>
good idea but.. i tried it with packaging tape i got a horrible result first time (probably my fault) <br>second time it was much better but still smudged quite a bit it looked like i had a bloody bite mark rather than Madara Uchiha's sharingan eye.(from the Naruto anime) <br>not sure if i will try it again though...
<p>thats what you get for following madara........follow itachi and you`ll never have the same problem....=_=</p>
Dude, this is so helpful! Thanks for sharing!
<p>I Love This! it was so easy! It just takes a little bit of practice. Also, if you want it to stay on longer, put baby powder and then hair spray, which will make it last for about a month.</p>
<p>I Love This! Its easy and it works but it definatly takes a little bit of practice.</p>
<p>Does it work with a laser printer, too?</p>
No, sorry. It only works with an inkjet printer as the toner from a laser pointer sticks to plastic.
<p>Aw :( I only have a laser printer but seems like a really cool idea! If you know of anything I could do to transfer images with a laser printer it would be nice to know :)</p>
<p>Awsome!!! but the first time i printed out i forgot to flip it vertically...</p><p>:(</p>
i already knew how odo it. you need a lllooooootttt of tape though.
Awesome idea, thank you! Can't wait to try :-)
kids? pshaw! I love it for myself! Thanks for the tutorial! <div> &nbsp;</div>
And for the next family reunion. . . neck tattoos! :-)
Very cool, i am going to do it soon! <br>
Ooooooo spiffy! that is gr8!! Imma try this at work w/my kids!! Wonder if that clear bandage spray will help it last longer?
Good idea! <br>Clear bandage spray, hairspray... If it can protect the stamp from the outside world then it can definitely make it last longer
A couple of questions. Have you tried this with clear packing tape, instead of scotch tape? <br>How long after you print it is it useable? Does it still work after it dried? <br> <br>I wonder if this would work with acetate sheets for an overhead projector. (I use them with a laser printer to put designs onto metal.) <br> <br>It is such an intriguing idea.
I haven't tried with clear packing tape but I guess the result will be similar (except for the fact that you can apply less stripes to cover the same area as the tape is wider). <br> <br>Once I used it 2 hours after printing and I got the same result. As the ink contains mostly water and solvent, I wouldn't let it dry for too long though. <br> <br>I'm curious about the acetate sheets, tell me how it turns out.
I was a chemical analyst. Don't worry about chemicals. <br>1st it's a tiny amount anyway but more important: <br>The solvent in ink is the same as alcohol based antiseptic wipes. <br>The dyes need to be long lived, to do so makers chose long chain molecules that have very low reactivity. <br>They will not make it through the cuticle (out hard layer of skin). <br>Mostly - do take small risks or you'll miss all the fun. My family motto is - <br>Tantum Te Paenitebit Infectorum; which means <br>You will only regret what you didn't do.
Are there not chemicals in the inkt that is dangerous? I know for sure this will get in your blood through your skin.
Cool! Thanks.
i was thinking something like this thank you
I think it would look best to take a marker and ink it darker--especially after it starts to fade. (Perhaps use the transfer image as a guide, instead of trying something freehand)
Using it as a guide can be a good idea, especially (as suggested by a friend) if you want to make a Henna or <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mehndi" rel="nofollow">Mehndi</a> tattoo.
You could probably get the same results printing directly onto a smooth surface like a sheet of contact paper still on its backing or a piece of plastic the size and shape of paper.
Gonna try this over the weekend with some heavy duty packing tape, much wider than scotch tape, so maybe a better medium? Either way, cool idea! I know my kid is gonna love it, and I will have some fun too!
This would work instead of the carbon paper / deodorant trick for real tattoo pattern transfers.
Tell us the trick!
Does this work on us black people?
You could always print with light colored inks
I haven't tried but let me know how it works out for you.
Ha! Never thought of this one before.. <br>Thanks for sharing!
I used to use those little plastic dividers for binders. You just cut of the indexing tab and seperate the sheets. I used them for stamping polymer clay. Great Instructable!

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