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Introduction: Print on Leather

Have you ever wished to be able to print on leather without fancy, expensive tools?
It is possible and you may have already everything at home you need.

(I apologise in advance for any possible mistakes in the wording, english isn't my mother tongue. So please be kind :)

Step 1: Supplies

- leather (every leather I tried till yet worked)
- something printed with a laser printer (it doesn't matter if black/white or colour)
- a household iron
- tape

Step 2: Select a Design

- Select a design to transfer to leather. I personally prefer zentangle patterns and designs from adult colouring books. (To add a personal touch it is even possible to copy the pattern, colour it, make a colour copy to transfer)
- Mirror the image/skript or whatever and print on a laser printer.

On the right leather you can add some colour or use the printing as a guideline for later carving and stamping (instead of a crafttool).

If you don't have access to a laser printer, an ordenary copyshop normaly uses laser printer.

Step 3: Transfer

- Wetten leather with a damp sponge (if it soaks water).
- Lay printed paper (print face down) on the leather.
- Secure with tape if necessary
- put a cotton cloth on the design
- Iron as hot as possible, use enough pressure.

Step 4: Already Finished

Marvel at your printed leather!!



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I primarily make jewelry and have to use a copier with overhead transperency to transfer to metal but I wanted to see if I could copy the embroidery my Mom had done on pillowcases over 50 years ago when she was 15. I love them but don't use them anymore.. It worked! (Because I was copying vs original drawing of clip art there was a little smudging but nothing to worry about.. Thanks for tip.. I look forward to using it on leather in the future

I need to try this just for transferring cutting patterns to my work. No more printing, cutting, and tracing.

How durable or easily will it wear off?

Wont it clean off later?

Love working with leather. Thanks!

Hadn't tried a laser printer, but I had tried with an inkjet printer, printing on transparent tracing paper & when placed over the leather, the ink could be rubbed onto the leather (I used the rounded back end of a pencil) to transfer the design.

Thanks for the hint. Have to give this method a try :)

Like it! Thank you for sharing!!

Thank you. This method works on nearly every other surface too (as fir example wood).

Great idea! Have to test this method..=)