Introduction: Print on Non-printable Cd/dvd

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If you have a printer that can not print on CDs / DVDs, or you have non-printable cd/dvd this tutorial will show you how to put some nice picture on it

Step 1: You Will Need

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White labels (A4 or cd labels)
Cd label editing software (I using Nero Cover Designer its free 30 day trial or you can use Epson Print CD its free) or you can use Photoshop
Cd or Dvd :D
Picture that you want to print
Cutter and scissors
You can get labels here

Step 2: Making Your Own Label

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Open label editing software (you can use photoshop or even paint)
Import some pictures and add some text
If you have label then drag it to software and print it
You can get labels here 
or here
  or search on google

Step 3: Print It

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Go to File --> Print

Step 4: Cutting

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You need to cut label if you have A4-A5 
If you have original cd labels than skip this step

Step 5: Put It on Cd

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First try with old cd because if you stick it wrong you device will not read it properly
Clean cd with dry cloth first
And you are done


ned103 (author)2015-08-17

From's FAQ section about Labels and stickers. I would be most worried about #5 since most of what I use my CD/DVD's for is archiving photos.

What are the disadvantages of traditional Adhesive CD Labels and Stickers?

You have encountered the phenomenon before, and dedicated many coasters to getting the sticky label to fit just right. Here's a rundown of the potential problems of adhesive CD/DVD labels:

  1. The sticky labels need be centered with a labeling gadget. DVD readers read at high speeds that require sufficient balance of the media.
  2. Air bubbles can develop after a certain time. It's unattractive and dangerous to your DVD reader.
  3. Removal of the labels can remove the top layer of lacquer and/or the reflective layer.
  4. Labels that are too thick or damaged can become jammed in the DVD reader.
  5. Acids from the adhesive can ruin the DVD Disc.

DavidW372 (author)ned1032016-04-16

Regardless what you're adhering, for long term holds which you don't want any acidic residue a glue called PVA does the trick. Each bottle is pricey and you have to water it down then brush it on similar to rubber cement. If you have data that you need archived though DVD's do break down over time as well. Getting an external SSDHD is the most sure way to keep your data preserved or even (believe it or not) in a cloud permanently.

Willard2.0 (author)2012-08-15

I would not recommend using labels on CD/DVD's. If the labels are the slightest bit off center, they will vibrate the disk and the player may not be able to read the disk.

I have also had the labels expand in extreme heat (car stereo's in the sun) and become jammed. I was forced to pull a disc from my slot load player with pliers because the label had bubbled, jamming it in.  Even once it cooled off I couldn't get it out.

tutdude98 (author)Willard2.02012-08-16

I put labels on all my ps2 games ,some audio disc and movies and they all works
Also if you have trouble with reading disk you can remove with some sticker remover spray that won't damage disk, i tried with WD-40 and it works on couple of discs

amandaghassaei (author)2012-08-14

cool, if you stick it on wrong the first time is it impossible to take off and restick?

tutdude98 (author)amandaghassaei2012-08-14

If it isnt completly sticked some of them you can but this like i have is hard to take down

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