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We designed this extruder to be

- Simple and easy to build

- Low cost

- Compact design

- Low weight

- Small footprint

- Wire management

- Easy to mount

- One active cooling fan for both heat sink and nozzle tip

- Open source

- Can print with various type of filaments


- Advanced filament materials

- Copper, Bronze, Wood, Glow filaments

- Designed to print with flex materials

By following the next 3 simple steps you will be able to build your own.

Step 1: Prepare the Bill of Materials

<p>الله ينور يا هندسه واللهي</p>
<p>Hi! I was wondering how to 100k thermistor was attached to the 40 watt heater, and in addition, whether there was a certain brand/model of heater you recommended. Thank you for your excellent tutorial! </p>
<p>In addition, the parts list calls for a NEMA 17 motor while the image shows the one you're using as a 16; would either work? Thanks!</p>

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