Introduction: Print With Bubble Wrap

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Material Required:

1. Plain T-Shirt or any other fabric that you want to print (pillow cover, cushion, etc)
2. Fabric paint
3. Bubble wrap
4. Brush
5. An old magazine

Step 1: Paint Flowers on Bubble Wrap

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Take a rectangular piece of bubble wrap and paint flowers on the side which has bubbles raised.
Paint 4 flowers in different colors. Place a magazine inside the T-shirt so that when you paint the front side the paint doesn't reach the back side.

Step 2: Place Bubble Wrap on T-shirt and Press

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Place the bubble wrap on the T-shirt with painted side touching it. Press the bubble wrap with your hand and wait for 5-10 secs so that the paint gets absorbed by the fabric.

Step 3: Remove the Wrap From T-shirt

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Remove the bubble wrap slowly.
Repeat the steps to paint more flowers.

Your new T-shirt is ready.

You can also create other patterns on bubble wrap like butterflies, write some text and paint your fabric with them. Enjoy this super easy printing technique.


dxanith (author)2013-10-08

I like this and it actually something I can do soon as I get some fabric paint.

jayati0215 (author)dxanith2013-10-10

Thank You so much, I hope you enjoy this super easy and super fast painting. If you could also please vote for this instructable, it would be great. Thanks :)

dxanith (author)jayati02152013-10-10

Already did. Good luck.

jayati0215 (author)dxanith2013-10-10

Thank you so much :)

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