Have you ever wanted a portable speaker like the Jambox by Jabra but not for $200. This is my first design at a portable speaker that you can take anywhere and wireless connect with Bluetooth. It also allows you to charge your phone if necessary.
After 6+ years of checking out everyone else's Instructables, this is my very first Instructables!
This design is also an entry for the UP contest. Enjoy.

I set out to make my own portable speaker with a similar design to the Jambox with the addition of a few extra features. 
For this build you will need the following:    UPDATE: Prices and links to items
Small USB-powered speakers with built in amp   $15  $8 or free if you have some 
portable USB charger for cellphones                       $10  $8+ (1700 mAh or larger)
Bluetooth Stereo A2DP module                                $25
NFC Tag                                                                         $2 per tag or less 

Other tools and Materials:
Soldering Iron and Accessories 
small square magnets
3D printer (My school had a Replicator 2)
Screwdriver (flat and Philips)
Wire strippers
Hot glue gun
Rubber padding
Pry tool used for cell phones

Step 1: Disassembling the Speakers


Find some speakers that will suit your needs. Test them to make sure the output is loud enough. You might need to purchase an amp to boost the signal if necessary. The power input should be 5v to be compatible for the battery in the next step. 

Split the speakers open. Most have grills on the front that are easily removable. 
If the speakers are not assembled with screws then you will have to remove the plastic around the components. I took a screw driver and a pry tool to split the sides. The amp should be in the unit with the power and aux cord. 

Resolder the cables back to the board if necessary. Add hot glue to the cables so they don't pull out or short circuit other components.
Now you can use an app called BT Tag Writer on Google Play so you can make a special tag to act like the NFC on retail NFC-enabled speakers: tap to pair/connect/disconnect, otherwise perfect project! :)
Excellent music selection in the demo. I know and love every one of those tracks.
Wow, it glows!

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