Picture of Printed Dry-Erase-Doodle Pillow
This project is a perfect way for kids to help make gifts for their parents. You can let their imaginations run wild with an expo marker in hand. Then, transform their doodles into prints that will last for years!

My niece and I had just as much fun making this project as we did giving it to her dad for his birthday. She especially loved watching the print develop in the sun! Prior to the tutorial, I asked her to draw a nice picture that we would make into a simple pillow. A baby and daddy dinosaur is what she came up with -- so cute!

All you need for this project is Inkodye, a glass plate (I got mine from a picture frame) and a black Expo marker. I recommend using Expo brand markers specifically because they block sunlight really well (you could also use a transparency instead of a glass plate).
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Step 1: Prepare

Picture of Prepare
Dry erase doodle pillow 2.jpg
 Aside from your dry-erase drawing, you'll also need a brush, light colored fabric for printing (cotton, linen, rayon, silk, etc. Be aware Inkodye only bonds permanently to natural fibers, so that means no polyester), and of course Inkodye!

Step 2: Dye

Picture of Dye
We decided to use two Inkodye colors, Blue and Green, to create a color gradient. Start with your first color.

Step 3: Apply

Picture of Apply
Cover half of your canvas with your first Inkodye color(or the whole thing if you just can't get enough)...then follow with your second color on the other half! 

Step 4: Blend

Picture of Blend
Create a gradient between the two colors by going over the areas where they meet.

Step 5: Blot

Picture of Blot
Collect the excess Inkodye on your canvas by wiping it with a paper towel. This step is necessary because you'll be covering the canvas with glass and excess dye can turn into condensation that can make your print spotty. You just want your piece to be a little damp to the touch, so don't be afraid to really wipe hard.
How fun! Love the dinosaurs!