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The shower knob in our guest bathroom was spinning freely, so I needed to do something fast. 

I quickly came up with a design that will work using 123D software (free).  The design and print files are available at:


Step 1:

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Life is not perfect.  The hole in my first knob was too small.
studleylee2 years ago
This is great !!!. I had the exact problem once and ended up filling the broken knobndle with automotive "Bondo" and letting it cure on the shaft. Still works after 9years.
MikeTheMaker (author)  studleylee2 years ago
I repaired my knob using a printed ring based on the idea I got after reading your comment. I did credit you with inspiring the repair ring.
Thanks! Its always good to bounce ideas around :-).
MikeTheMaker (author)  studleylee2 years ago
You should remove that knob, photograph it and write it up as an instructable. You could enter it in the "Fix It" contest and maybe win a 3D printer . .
MikeTheMaker (author)  studleylee2 years ago
That's a good cure! It gives me an idea--I wonder if I could print a custom size "ring" and hold the broken piece inside the original knob. I'm going to give it a try :)
ashtonkonon2 years ago
Good job on ya! hard work paid off
MikeTheMaker (author)  ashtonkonon2 years ago
ashtonkonon2 years ago
Good job on ya! hard work paid off