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1st instructable. ;)
My daughter loves Tae Quon Do and loved this statement wanted a T-shirt.
So to avoid ironing on letters or trying to print something out cuz I'm never very good at that I opted to try something new.

Step 1: Lettering

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I purchased a little tub of peel and stick lettering from Michaels. If you google Michaels coupons to get a discount at the till I got 40%. We ended up sorting out all the letters so it could be easier to spell out a phrase.
We laid out our words then transferred them over and stuck them onto the t-shirt.

Step 2: Prepare to Apply Bleach.

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I put a large plastic wrapped notebook inside of the shirt to keep the bleach from leaking through. I then moved the t-shirt into the bathtub and began to spray with bleach
I just use an old spray bottle with a bleach and water dilution I'm not sure of the exact proportion I just poured in a little bit of water and a whole bunch of beach.
Spray Away!

Step 3: Bleached and Ready to Rinse.

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Kinda hard to tell by the photo but where the bleach is applied its turned lighter. I then filled a mop bucket with cold water to stop the bleaching process. Once I was satisfied with the bleach look I rinse it out.

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat.

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At this point I just rinse and rinse and rinse I dumped out the water a couple times in between rinses and all the little sticky letters fell off.

Step 5: The End Is Near...

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Pick any little letters that are left on off, wring out and hang to dry.
Not bad for a first attempt to have to say.


EmcySquare (author)2015-03-23


(real girls kick ass)

cwillis4 (author)EmcySquare2015-07-20

thanks! It's for my daughter and she does.

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