Printer Cartridge USB Drive

Seeing all those other wonderful little creatures out there that were at one time or another just plain old store bought USB drives I decided to try my hand at it. This is the result, the printer cartridge USB drive. Made from what I had around my house this project had the delightful total of $0.
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Step 1: Parts and Other Gizmos

For this project I used the following
1 Used HP color ink cartridge
1 USB drive, I used a 4 GB Sandisk Cruzer
1 roll of electrical tape
1 bottle of Gorilla Glue but most kinds of glue should do
A small knife (if it is dull you are going to need an X-Acto knife also)
A piece of sandpaper
And most importantly paper towels!

Step 2: Breaking Into your Devices

Picture of Breaking Into your Devices
Before you do ANYTHING else, take three to four paper towels and just lay them down on top of each other on your workstation if you do not want ink everywhere, even if a cartridge is 'empty' it still has a good amount of ink in it as it turns out. You are going to want to take either your knife or your finger nail and break apart the USB drive. Inside is the part that you are familiar with that goes into your computer and attached to it is a small chip, gently set this aside in a place where it will be safe. Now for the printer cartridge, this one was sealed up a bit better than the USB drive and took much longer to crack open. I ended up scratching mine a little so take your time and go slow if it does not break apart right away. Just take your knife and run it all along the top, I had to use a combination of cutting into it and leverage with my blade to pop it open.
renewilson4 years ago
Nice use of making your stylish inkjet cartridges USB drive, but i would suggest you not to waste the inkjet cartridges like this, you can sell them to stores that remanufacture inkjet cartridges and either get some money or you can get a remanufactured inkjet cartridges in return.
Fuogger (author)  renewilson4 years ago
I did not know this, thank you for telling me as well as anyone else that happens to look. I will definitely be keeping this in mind.
BrianKT4 years ago
 You could put this inside a dead printer and store private data on it. ;) No one would ever know it was there.
Fuogger (author)  BrianKT4 years ago
oh yes, hahaha, start a whole hidden server from inside a printer even

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