Printer Ink Secret, Revealed!





Introduction: Printer Ink Secret, Revealed!

Are you tired of running out of ink? Here's a secret the ink companies don't want you to know!



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    Epson seems to have fixed this. No little hole to push any more. :(

    Great 'ible! I did one on how to squeeze out the last of the ink from a brother all-in-one by covering the optical reader on the cartridge. More of these 'ibles for other printers are needed. Inkjet ink is the most expensive liquid on the planet.

    Epson would save money on ink by fixing this, you seem to be suggesting that there's something devious about it? Please name the specific cartridges you refer to, because the ones I know are empty when they say they are. L

    I don't see how Epson would save money by fixing this, selling ink cartridges that only allow you to use half the ink means that people need to buy 2 cartridges to get one cartridges worth of printing. As for the cartridge I am referring to I have the same ones shown in the video for the Epson Stylus Photo R280.

    If they only put half as much ink in the result for the user would be exactly the same, but they'd use less in in the manufacturing. Conspiracy only works if Epson are making more ink than they can actually sell and getting users to dispose of it is their best way to get rid of the stuff. L

    If they used half as much ink wouldn't they have to label as such and if they didn't then reduce the price accordingly any competition would eat Epson's lunch selling cartridges. If they use full amount of ink and "rig" it to say it was empty when still half full they would sell more cartridges. Their price per cartridge would be the same but they should end up selling more of them in a given amount of time. I am not saying there is a conspiracy, just that there is a way for them to make it worth their while. I cannot recall the brand of printer we use at work. Its a cheap inkjet and we were always getting messages about how the cartridge was almost out of ink. One day, when we needed a bit more to complete a printing job we went right on using the cartridge and it was good for many, many pages yet. This has given me an idea for a conspiracy theory with gas companies and car manufacturers. What if they (car manufacturers) rigged the gas guage to read a quarter emptier than it actually was. Seems to me that would cause people to re-fill their tanks that much sooner.

    Do ink cartridges give estimates for pages or list vol in ml?
    If you only  get 1000 sheets out, at 95% empty you've still got 50 left.
    Our Brother Fax drains right down to the bottom, but the ink that's left would still be enough for a few more - only the machine reads empty on the cartridge (like a gas-tank there's a float-indicator in there), it can't look at the ink density on the prints.



    And when the reset run out.. shake it and reset again. good for 2-3 times ;)

    Strongly advise to put the ink cartridge inside a plastic bag before shaking it.

    That is a lot easier than cleaning up ink going onto your clothes and equipment.



    I agree, generally I just put a towel where the ink can goes out.