Printers Drawer





Introduction: Printers Drawer

In this tutorial I will show you an idea I got from my grandpa on how to use antique printer drawers. It is fairly easy to do and can be quite tough at first to fill up.

Step 1: Materials

Printer's drawer
Wall hanger (used to hang frames or something of such sort)
Lots of small nick-nacks to fill up your compartments
Stud finder ( if convenient )

Step 2: Preparing to Be Hang

First, you will need to gather a hanger, screws, and a power drill (shown in pic above). Then, I used the drill to attach the hanger to the back of the cabinet. After that, I used my level and a pencil to mark where I should the drill the holes for the hangers to go on. Finally I drilled those two holes and hung the cabinet.

Step 3: Filling

Now for the fun part. You can use whatever you would like to fill up the cabinet, like glass animals, rocks, shells, or whatever will fit in the drawers.

Step 4: Enjoy

Have fun switching around the small things and adding more and more



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I hope that those drawers have never seen a printing press, otherwise you should remove them from the room if you do not want to risk a lead poisoning. I'm serious, it is very dangerous!

Wood which has been in contact with lead's typefaces needs to be quenched before it can be used.

You could check in nearby antique stores or even in Amazon. Here's a link

printers drawers are also called compositors drawers