Picture of Printer's Hat : Much More Than Just a Hat

A Printer's Hat is very easy to make. Even little children can learn how to fold it very quickly.

It is made from eco-friendly newspaper, it's fully biodegradable and has many, many uses. It makes a super paper plate for chips and munchies at a picnic or at a campsite. Its great for holding soil for seedlings, lined with a plastic bag it can hold water, and painted or plain, it makes an attractive hat!

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Step 1: All You Need is a Newspaper.....

Picture of All You Need is a Newspaper.....

Click on the video link and follow these easy steps to make your very own Printer's Hat!

Step 2:

seamster11 months ago

Nice project, thanks for sharing! That's a good-looking dog, too!

vu2aeo (author)  seamster11 months ago

You're welcome. Glad you liked it!!!!