Step 18: STEP SIXTEEN: How to use the press.

I engraved a copper plate to demonstrate the press.  It is my lack of engraving skills and my messy printing that is flawed, not the press. 

The Center Bar should be elevated and held in place with the Snap Hooks/Swivels.
  1. Remove the Top Platen and set it aside.
  2. Lay a piece of paper over the Bottom Platen to protect it from the ink.
  3. Lay the inked etched plate face side up on top of the paper.
  4. Lay printing paper over the plate.
  5. Lay another piece of paper over the printing paper.
  6. Lay a thick printing blanket on the top.
  7. Place the Top Platen over the printing layers.
  8. Unhook the Center Bar and rest it on the Top Platen.
  9. Place the Bottle Jack on the center of the Center Bar and align the top of the jack with the Bottle Jack Guide on the underside of the Top Bar.
  10. Pump the Jack so that the Center Bar is pressed against the E Boards on the Top Platen.
  11. Pump the Jack up as far as you can get it to go.
  12. Use a pliers to release the hydraulic pressure of the jack.
  13. Lift the jack from the bottom and press it up into the jack guide to get the jack post back into the jack and so you can remove it.
  14. Lift the Top Platen off the press.
  15. Undo the printing layers.  Be careful not to get any ink on the printing blanket.
  16. Lift your print and allow to dry.
  17. Clean off your plate.