This is my first 3d print shoes and I want to share it with you...

In this instructable I will help you to understand the steps to design your 3d print shoes.

The Prism shoes were born in 2014. I studied fashion and jewellery in Bezalel academy , but I always had a crush on shoes.... ( I'm sure it's also hidden inside you )

My design emphasizes the meeting point between two different bodies and present the feet's presence even though it is absent.

For this instrutable you will need: plasticine, scan of a last, access to a 3d printer, knowledge in 3d software and to free you imagination....

Step 1: Find Your Inspiration

Inspiration is something that fascinates you, that you cannot stop thinking about it and you can spent hours reading and researching about it.

This shoes were inspired by the psychedelic art in the 20th century and the album Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd.

I like to do a deep research and to encircle the subject from different sides. I took a prism and a flashlight and started to play with it in the dark looking for a new shape and the rainbow. on the other hand I drew an abstract drawing and started to look at how it looked through a magnifying glass and how it changed the way my drawing looked.

Try whatever interests you, this is my favorite part of the design .

<p>you are some kind of a freaky GENIUS, girl<em><strong>!</strong>! </em><strong>x^)</strong></p>
<p>That's really neat! It definitely reflects the inspiration works :)</p>

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